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Aiura Mikoto
Character Name
Full Name Aiura Mikoto
Kanji 相卜 命
Furigana あいうら みこと
  • Miko-chan
  • Big-Boobs (by Reita)
Personal Info
Epithet Sooth Sayer
Age 16 years old
Birthday September 7
Sign ♍ (Virgo)
Blood type B
Gender Female
Height 166 cm
Weight Unknown
Affiliation PK Academy
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
  • Year 3 Class 1.png (Currently)
  • Year 2 Class 3.png (Formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 162
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 8
English Voice Faye Mata
Japanese Voice Eri Kitamura

Mikoto Aiura (相卜 命, あいうら みこと lit. Aiura Mikoto) is a soothsayer, also known as an oracle. She is another love-interest of Kusuo's and constantly fights with Reita. Mikoto is one of the few non-family members that knows about Kusuo's powers along with Reita and Touma.


Mikoto CharaFull.png

Mikoto looks like a typical gyaru, with her wild willow hair, decorated nails, accessories, and tanned skin. However, she doesn't appear to wear any makeup, or if she does, it's very natural. She is mostly seen wearing her PK Academy uniform in a lax manner with the top opened and without her ribbon, showing her cleavage. She has green eyes which are accentuated by a pink star and moon face stickers. She enjoys wearing accessories such as bracelets and hair clips.


Like Reita, Mikoto openly shows her psychic powers to everyone and became popular in her class because of them. She has a uninformed sense of justice and wants to use her powers for good and to help people, which she says separates herself from Kusuo. She will immediately and openly use her powers to help those who ask her, compared to Kusuo, who is more discreet and puts more thought into his actions. Due to her easy going personality she seems to have gotten the favor of Kusuo's grandmother, Kumi, when the two coincidentally met in the gyaru shopping mall.


  • Mikoto's name is likely a pun on “Ai Uramikoto”「愛・恨み言」which means something along the lines of “love complaints” or “love resent”. [1]
    • Additionally, the Kanji in her name is derivative from different kinds of fortunetelling terminology.
  • Her hairpin is based off the Virgo symbol, her Zodiac sign.
  • Due to Toritsuka Reita ending up in Class 2, she is the third PK Academy transfer student to end up in Class 3; the first is Kuboyasu Aren, and the second is Saiko Metori.
  • Mikoto's Japanese Voice Actor, Eri Kitamura, previously voiced the gyaru Ranko Honjou in anime adaptation of Hajimete no Gal.
  • Her guardian spirit is a chubby rich lady.
  • She sings along with Teruhashi Kokomi and Saiki Kusuo in the closing song "Duet Shite Kudasai."



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