You were the one who saved me from the bullies. I would never let your secret leak out.
No matter how much I leak my pants!

Chapter 250

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Akechi Touma

Touma Anime


Touma kid manga

Character Name
Full Name Touma Akechi
Kanji 明智 透真
Furigana あけち とうま
Aliases Asumi Touma
Personal Info
Epithet Genius
Gender Male
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
  • 2nd Year
  • 3
Manga Debut Chapter 210
Anime Debut Episode 46
Japanese Voice Kaji Yūki

Touma Akechi (明智 透真, あけち とうま lit. Akechi Touma), used to be a classmate and one of the very first friends Kusuo had in Kindergarten. He is a 3rd student in PK Academy that knows of Kusuo's powers.


Touma CharaFull
Touma, when he was a kid sported a bowl cut but currently has short brown hair in a style of a sharp bob cut and bangs almost covering his violet eyes. During his days at school, he wears the standard PK Academy uniform that all male students wear, though at times when he's not in school, such as when he stalked Kusuo, he was still in the uniform.


Touma has been straightforward since he was a kid and would always speak out what is in his mind. He would relentlessly respond to anyone like how he mocked his classmate despite being continuously bullied by the same kid. It could be by his pure innocence that he too likes to brag about his friend, like how he bragged about Kusuo's power after having been sure that Kusuo is an esper. As a high school student, he became more annoying to others, as well as to Kusuo who can read minds as Touma's mind floods with words and the speed he thinks is the same speed as he talks to others.



When he was 6 years old, Touma was mocking his classmates when one of them played a petty trick. He talks with Kusuo easily and the two had a friendly relationship. One day, at the end of class, Touma was beaten by the said Classmate when Kusuo was on his way to teleport, he saw Touma on the ground and thought that he lost consciousness after being beaten up on a playground, Touma was actually awake at that time and witnessed Kusuo healing him. The next day he asked Kusuo about the incident and called him a healer with an image of a priest in games in his mind. Kusuo gave him a weird face as if saying he doesn't know.[1] In the original timeline, Kusuo told Akechi about his powers and Akechi blabbed it and Takashi forced Kusuo to prove his claims were true. Kusuo then used his powers told go back in time and decided not to tell Akechi about his powers.

Touma bullied

Kusuo found Touma

Kusuo was hesitant to say anything but he was friendly with Touma, and since then, the two were often seen together. Kusuo always sees how their classmates bully Touma using his clairvoyance. Then one day, Kusuo went home without Touma, but when he suddenly turns back to the school, he found Touma knocked out by his classmates and was being made fun of. Kusuo went mad and destroyed the whole school.


Because of his parents' divorce, Touma transferred to PK Academy and finally met Kusuo. Kusuo, then wasn't able to recognize him because his last name used to be Asumi, and also due to Touma's thoughts quickly changing, Kusuo finds difficulty in reading his thoughts with telepathy. As a result, Kusuo first suspected him as another psychic. When Touma confronted Kusuo about the incident at their old grade school, Kusuo was hesitant so he petrified Touma first then he tried to change the course of the story by going back to the past the day before Kusuo rampaged on the grade school. He then went back to the current time he was originally in and removes the petrification on Touma. He then decides to tell Touma about his powers. Thus, Touma is the 3rd person in the PK Academy to know that he is a psychic.


  • His name, Akechi Touma, is a pun on the word "invisibility" (透明).
  • Akechi mentions that he first met Saiki at the elementary school opening ceremony when he(Akechi) got too nervous being around so many people that he wet his pants and Saiki was nearby so he ended up accompanying him to the bathroom.[2]
  • Asou Shuuichi mentioned in his letter to the Saiki K. stage in JumpFesta2018 (held on 2017.12.17), in regards to Kaji being casted as Akechi, that "Having such a character (like Akechi) being forced upon you, are you perhaps hated by the production staff?" jokingly, indicating that Akechi's characteristic of talking so much can be an ordeal for the voice actor. [3]
  • His aura is a large code of numbers and his guardian spirit is a detective.


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