Azuma Moto

Azuma Moto (Anime)

Azuma Moto

Character Name
Full Name Azuma Moto
Kanji 東 夢叶
Furigana あずま むと
Personal Info
Birthday January 7
Sign ♑ (Capricorn)
Blood type O
Gender Male
Affiliation Weekly Shounen Cognac
Occupation Mangaka
Manga Debut Chapter 139
Anime Debut Reawakened Episode 1

Moto Azuma (東 夢叶, あずま むと lit. Azuma Moto) is the author of the manga, "If there's a chance, Santarou". Saiki Kuniharu is his editor and has been partnered with him for more than 5 years.


Moto's last manuscript of Santarou hadn't been finished by the time of the deadline and he almost gave up. However, with the help of Kusuo who used his psychic powers to possess his father's body and give energy to Moto, he was able to finish the manuscript.


  • Azuma Moto's character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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