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Busujima Susumu
Busujima Susumu
Character Name
Full Name Busujima Susumu
Kanji 毒岛 進
Furigana ぶすじま すすむ
Personal Info
Birthday May 13
Sign ♉ (Taurus)
Blood type O
Gender Male
Occupation Merchant
Manga Debut Chapter 40
Japanese Voice Nobuo Tobita

Susumu Busujima (毒島 進, ぶすじま すすむ lit. Busujima Susumu) is an unscrupulous merchant who works for unscrupulous companies.

He is chased away by Kurumi after Kusuo used his powers to make her realize he was scamming her.

Notably, he is the man responsible for Kusuo ending up with his germanian ring.

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