Cafe Mami Manager
Cafe Mami Manager
Character Name
Full Name Café Mami's Manager
Kanji 魔美の店長
Personal Info
Birthday July 12
Sign ♋ (Cancer)
Blood type A
Gender Male
Affiliation Café Mami
Occupation Cafe Manager
English Voice Episode 14
Japanese Voice Eiji Takemoto


The Cafe Mami Manager is the employer of Mera. He is an emotional wreck when it comes to the cafe's well being due to major coffee chain opponents that causes his shop to lose customers. He always performs strategic meetings with Mera on how to improve his shop but it always ends up in an incoherent direction. He later decides it would be best to leave the shop the way it is when he recalls Saiki's happy face whenever he eats his coffee jello.


  • Cafe Mami Manager's character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]
  • Saiki Kusuo has officially accepted the manager as his lackey, when he catches a cockroach, while Aiura and Toritsuka were arguing about being Kusuo's lackey.


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