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Dark Reunion is a fictional organization. According to Shun, "they" are trying to steal "Black Beat" a dark force that dwells in the latter's right arm and create a new world with it. This is also why Shun always wears bandages on his hands, as he needs to "seal" that power. Throughout the series, Shun frequently blames random bad events on Dark Reunion, but he also sometimes claim to have caused certain events by unleashing his black beat. For example, he once claimed that his black beat went out of control and destroyed Saiko Metori's house. 


Jet Black Wings was apparently a top class assassin from Dark Reunion in the past, until he overhears Dark Reunions evil plans. He then steals a stone and tries to escape, but was cornered by Dark Reunion. He was thus forced to use a dangerous technique to escape by seperating his soul from his body. His soul entered the body of Kaidou Shun while he was still in his mother's womb.

Powers and Equipment

As a chunnibyou, Shun believes that he has the following powers and utilises the following equipment:

  • Judgement Knights of Thunder

A lightning ability, it was "used" by Shun to kill an attacking snake.

  • Black Beat

Shun claims that this is the source of all his powers.

  • Bandages

Shun bandages both his hands with a red bandage which according to him helps him seal his black beat.

  • Notebook

Shun kept a secret notebook full of things from his Chunnibyou imagination, such as Spells and information about Jet Black Wings. Shun gets very embarrassed when someone gets their hands on the book.

  • Necklace

Shun has a cheap necklace that he bought for ¥30,000. He was scammed by Clairvoyant Mikiko. Shun believes that this necklace would help him make friends and that Kusuo would call him pal.

  • Hideout

Briefly mentioned in one of the Episodes, Shun appeared to have found an abandoned building that would serve as a good hideout. He shows up trying to look for Kusuo and show him their new hideout.


  • Murder Dragoram Snake
  • Saiki Kusuo (temporarily)
  • Kaidou Shun/ Jet Black Wings (formerly)

Other People

Clairvoyance Mikiko

She was a fake fortune-teller who tried to cheat Shun's money. After listening to Shun's story about Dark Reunion, she did not believe him at first, until Kusuo, pretending to be part of Dark Reunion, threatens her and scared her into returning the money she cheated Shun of. She was shown running up to Shun and returning the money while apologizing for not believing Shun's story, hence it can be assumed she now believed Dark Reunion exists.

Tanaka Ichirou/Jade Eyes

Tanaka was a random student in PK Academy. He took advantage of Shun's chunnibyou and tricked the latter into believing that he was Jade Eyes, the leader of an organization aiming to take down Dark Reunion. He then gives the latter his homework and made Shun do it for him under the pretence that it was a pass to let Shun join the group. He even sucessfully tricked Shun into leaving his wallet behind. Tanaka would have gotten away with his prank if not for Kusuo, who witnessed Tanaka laughing about how foolish Shun was. Kusuo, pretending to be Dark Reunion, threatens the boy and scares him away. In an omake, Tanaka was shown describing his experience.

Kaidou Mom/ Mama(真魔)

Kaidou Shun's mother, whom he calls "Mama", which can be read as "真魔" in Japanese, which means "True Demon." She is unaware of his Chunnibyou and believes that he is a shy and a good child.

Saiki Kusuo

Kusuo is Shun's friend. In Shun's mind, he believed that Kusuo has powers like him (ironic because Kusuo does indeed have powers in real life.) He frequently annoys Kusuo because of this. However, Kusuo has on multiple occations pretended to be part of Dark Reunion. For example, Kusuo engraved the Dark Reunion Symbol on a wall after destroying "Jade Eyes" hideout, which caused Shun to believe it was the work of Dark Reunion. Clairvoyant Mikiko also believes in Dark Reunion because of Kusuo. She was shown apologising to Shun for not believing in Dark Reunion after Kusuo threatens her, causing her to believe that he was from the Evil Organization.


Mankind Sorting Plan (jinnruisenbetsukeikaku)

This plan was supposedly created with the intention to use Murder Dragoram Snake to sort people into their (dark reunions) order.



  • "Dark Reunion", if to be translated into Japanese, turns out as "闇の再開" yami no saikai. With "reunion" standing for saikai, it follows the series' unspoken conventions of using the Greek letter Ψ psi, as well as Χ chi.
  • Dark Reunion's logo appears to be a reference to the NERV Logo from Neon Genesis Evangelion
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