Extra Stories of Psychics 2
Extra story of psychics 2
Release Date July 4, 2014
ISBN 978-4-08-703321-2
On Cover Saiki Kuriko, Teruhashi Kokomi, Yumehara Chiyo
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More disasters for ESPer Saiki Kusuo…!! In an abandoned building he and Toritsuka encounter a chuunibyou, a delinquent, and a mysterious ghost!? The circulation of Teruhashi-san’s coffee jelly starts world war 3!? Saiki gets lost in a world with a movie-like all star super battle!? The second light novel is here on a major scale! Toritsuka, Kaidou, and Kuboyasu do battle in an abandoned building! A battle breaks out over Teruhashi-san’s coffee jelly! Saiki gets lost in a world with a huge never ending battle![1] Super popular light novel book #2!!


  1. eyfey
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