Extra Stories of Psychics 2
Extra story of psychics 2.jpg
Release Date July 4, 2014
ISBN 978-4-08-703321-2
On Cover Saiki Kuriko, Teruhashi Kokomi, Yumehara Chiyo
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More disasters for psychic, Saiki Kusuo...!! In an abandoned building he and Reita encounter a chuunibyou, a delinquent, and a mysterious ghost!? The circulation of Kokomi’s coffee jelly starts world war 3!? Kusuo gets lost in a world with a movie-like all star super battle!? The second light novel is here on a major scale![1]


  • This novel was mentioned in Chapter 271 of the manga series. Specifically it mentions page 146, where it explains that Kusuo does not need to wait to teleport when he does not have his limit device on.


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