The locations the story takes place.

Hidari Wakibara

Hidariwakibara-chō (左脇腹町; ひだりわきばらちょう lit. Left-Flank Town[1]
The name of the area which the story takes place. It is the place where people can over see the Skytree and belongs to the S Prefecture.[2]

Middle-class Area

The area located in the northern part of Hidari Wakibara where Shun and Kusuo lives. The residents are mostly comprised of salary workers who go to Tokyo to purchase their own house. The houses are mostly detached homes with gardens and when night falls the area is quiet.

Upper-class Area

The area located in the northern part of Hidari Wakibara. The residents are mostly comprised of wealthy families such as the Teruhashi and Saiko Conglomerate. Aesthetic beauty are observed by the residents and no such thing as garbage scattering on the place can be seen. The place in the town is the safest side of Hidari Wakibara.

Main Street Area

The downtown area when leaving the Hidari Wakibara Station which extends to the north. Due to to its vast commercial facilities and entertainment facilities, it is the place where a lot of crowds gather.

Outlying Area

An area located in front of the store Main Athlete. In addition of being occupied by game centers, there are also various stores and some houses. The crowd are mostly comprised of middle and high school students.

Factory Area

The area located on the southeastern part of Hidari Wakibara. The place where house rent is the cheapest and there are a few commercial buildings but because the Mera family is poor, they have to bear the noises from the factories. It is most dangerous place in the town.

Mountain Area

The area in Hidari Wakibara which was only shown a few times. A place where many people visit only on times of worshiping like New Year's first visit on shrine. People usually misunderstood it as the countryside because it is on a deserted place. Birds were actually occupying the temple.


Tonari Machi (隣町; となりまち lit. Neighboring Town)
A town located on the left side of Hidari Wakibara. Leisure facilities such as shopping centers and bowling alleys exists.

Mt. Ikkoku

Ikkoku Yama (一国山; いっこくやま lit. Whole Country Mountain[3]
A rural town where Kurumi's parents live. Traveling to the mountain takes several hours via train or bus and there are only 2-3 buses a day so it is difficult to get home.


Tōi-chō (遠井町; とおいちょう lit. Far Town)
A naturally rich town which is less than 2 hours by train from Hidari Wakibara. Every summer, the Tennis Club comes to the place for a summer camp. The area is infamous for unique poisonous mushrooms and pulp mushrooms.


Oshimai-ken (忍舞県; おしまいけん lit. The End)
An area with several sightseeing spots and buildings. Kineshi has some relatives that live here.[4]

Mt. Owari
御割山(おわりやま lit. Finish Mountain)

A volcano that Kusuo tries to stop its large eruption every year on April 10th.[5]


  1. The Kanji used for the name have different meanings; such as "脇" meaning armpit and "腹" meaning stomach to name a few
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  3. It can also mean Stubborn Mountain
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