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Iguchi Takumi


Iguchi manga

Character Name
Full Name Iguchi Takumi
Kanji 井口工
Furigana いぐちたくみ
Aliases Pervert
Personal Info
Age 25 years old
Gender Male
Affiliation PK Academy
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 238
Japanese Voice Kōsuke Toriumi

Takumi Iguchi (井口工, いぐちたくみ lit. Iguchi Takumi) is the new teacher in charge of Kusuo's class for their new semester. Their first impression of him is a pervert.


Takumi's face was said to be an epitome of a perverted man. From his slanting eyes to his wide grinning mouth to his actions, the students misunderstood his whole personality as a vile man.


Takumi is a teacher who was assigned at PK Academy from another school and became the homeroom teacher of 2nd year class 3. He was young but an excellent teacher who does not yield to Nendou or Saiko but when he doesn't smile, his face hardly changes so the students later realized it can't be helped.



  • Even the principal doubted him as a pervert on his first day at PK Academy.
  • His hobbies includes jogging, camera taking and hot spring tour man.
  • The kanji for his name backwards is pervert.
  • He is possibly a pervert, due to the fact that he remembered Yumehara's address.


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