Ikemi Kazuya

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Character Name
Full Name Ikemi Kazuya
Kanji 池見 華寿弥
Furigana いけみ かずや
Aliases Michael (Stage name)
Personal Info
Epithet Magician
Age 30's
Birthday September 26
Blood type A
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Weight 53 kg
Affiliation Nakanishi Kouta (Co-worker)
Occupation Magician's Assistant
Manga Debut Volume 0
Anime Debut Episode 3
English Voice Christopher Bevins
Japanese Voice Motomu Kiyokawa

Kazuya Ikemi (池見 華寿弥, いけみ かずや lit. Ikemi Kazuya) is Chouno Uryoku's assistant in his magic shows.


He was first introduced as Michael (Mr. Ike) by Uryoku when Kusuo runs into them performing a street show. After failing their act, Ike wasn't given the money he was promised because they didn't earn anything from passersby. He continued to be Uryoku's assistant afterwards.


  • He is an ex-yankee.
  • Contrary to his looks, he's still in his 30's.