John Komatsu



Character Name
Full Name John Komatsu
Kanji ジョン 小松
Furigana ジョン・こまつ
Personal Info
Epithet Ghost
Age 40 years old
Gender Male
Affiliation Toritsuka Reita (Host)
Occupation Musician (Defected)
Manga Debut Chapter 79
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 20
Japanese Voice Kijima Ryuuichi

John Komatsu (ジョン 小松, ジョン こまつ) is the musician that Toritsuka used in the school festival. He is characterized by his mushroom-cut hair and round glasses. He died a violent death at the early age of 40 and was popularly worldwide during 1960s. He helped Toritsuka on his crisis during the live performance of his band but after that he took over a bird.

John Komatsu is a reference to former musician and superstar John Lennon.

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