Kanda Pinsuke


Satou Jiro as Kanda Pinsuke.jpg

Character Name
Full Name Kanda Pinsuke
Kanji 神田 品助
Furigana かんだ ぴんすけ
Personal Info
Epithet Principal
Birthday January 7
Sign ♑ (Capricorn)
Gender Male
Affiliation PK Academy
Occupation Principal
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Japanese Voice Ikuji Nose
Live Action Satou Jiro

Pinsuke Kanda (神田 品助, かんだ ひんすけ Kanda Pinsuke) is the PK Academy Principal. He has a habit of saying therefore. He isn't well liked by the students. Pinsuke was played by Satou Jiro in the live action movie.

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