Kokomi fanclub

Kokominzu (ここみんズ) is a cult or preferably called the fanclub of Teruhashi Kokomi. The this fanclub is not only within the PK Academy, but also students of other schools and huge forces such as big shot politicians. The current chairman (8th generation) is Sawakita.
Any member who meets with Teruhashi and involves a non-member will be punished no matter the reason. The fanclub doesn't allow any non-members to have a conversation with Teruhashi, with an exemption of limited topics. For example, Member No. 36853 having a conversation about the weather is fine.

The 10 Iron Clad Rules

  1. To defend Teruhashi-san's happiness even at the risk of your lives.
  2. Teruhashi-san's 'requests' must be done even at the risk of your lives.
  3. Any man approaching Teruhashi-san must be forbidden/excluded even at the risk of your lives.
  4. Don't approach Teruhashi-san without permission of a leader or a member.
  5. Maintain purity/virginity and not fall for any other opposite sex other than Teruhashi-san.
  6. If Teruhashi-san appears on your mind do not think dirty.
  7. Do not utter words lacking in common sense in front of Teruhashi-san.
  8. A meeting will be held 2 times a week. Be sure to wear your uniform.
  9. A discussion will be held each time a problem occurs or disputes within members.
  10. Teruhashi-san must be always called affectionately with '-san'.


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