Kokomi fanclub

Kokominzu (ここみんズ) is a cult or preferably called the fanclub of Teruhashi Kokomi. The scale of this fanclub is not only within the PK Academy but also students of other schools and a huge forces joined up were some big shot politicians, some are notorious. The current chairman (8th generation) is Sawakita.
For any member who meets with Teruhashi and involves a non-member will be punished whatever the reason is. The fanclub doesn't allow any non-members to have a conversation with Teruhashi with an exemption of limited topics only for certain members of the club in example a member (No. 36853) having a conversation about the weather is fine.

The 10 Iron Clad Rules

  1. To defend Teruhashi-san's happiness even at the risk of your lives.
  2. Teruhashi-san's 'requests' must be done even at the risk of your lives.
  3. Any man approaching Teruhashi-san must be forbid/excluded even at the risk of your lives.
  4. Don't approach Teruhashi-san without permission of a leader or a member.
  5. Maintain purity/virginity and you must not fall for any other opposite sex other than Teruhashi-san.
  6. If for example, Teruhashi-san appears on your mind do not think dirty.
  7. Do not utter words lacking in common sense in front of Teruhashi-san.
  8. A meeting will be held 2 times a week. Be sure to wear your uniform.
  9. A discussion will be held each time a problem occurs or disputes within members.
  10. Teruhashi-san must be always called affectionately with '-san'.