Koriki No. 2


Kojikara 2.png

Character Name
Full Name Koriki No. 2
Kanji 小力2号
Furigana こりき2ごう
Personal Info
Birthday April 12
Blood type O
Gender Female[1]
Family Nendou Riki (Owner)
Manga Debut Chapter 135
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 5
Japanese Voice Mikako Komatsu

Koriki No. 2 (小力2号, こりき2ごう) is a hamster that Nendou kept in his house.


She speaks in Kansai dialect. She had a series of unfortunate disownment from a boy, his later owners were KusuoHairoShunChiyoKokomi→Nendou and Nendou is the only person who finally took her in. She was later shown to have completely been close to Nendou.



  • Kusuo previously thought Koriki No. 2 was a male hamster.


  1. Chapter 175
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