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Kuboyasu Aren
Character Name
Full Name Aren Kuboyasu
Kanji 窪谷須 亜蓮
Furigana くぼやす あれん
Personal Info
  • Carnage Middle's Murder Weapon
  • Kuboyasu the Demon Killer
  • Mullet Wearing Aren
Age 16 years old
Birthday September 2
Sign ♍ (Virgo)
Blood type A
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 65 kg
Occupation Student
Waiter (formerly)
School PK Academy
  • Year 3 Class 1.png (Currently)
  • Year 2 Class 3.png (Formerly)
Novel Debut Extra Stories of Psychics 2
Manga Debut Chapter 65
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 14
English Voice Jarrod Greene
Japanese Voice Yoshimasa Hosoya
Live Action Kaku Kento

Aren Kuboyasu (窪谷須 亜蓮, くぼやす あれん lit. Kuboyasu Aren) used to be a delinquent in his former school and only Kusuo, Shun and Touma know this. Aren is one of the main characters of the series and was starred by Kaku Kento in the live action of the series.


Kuboyasu Aren Full Design.png

Aren in his previous school wore the typical delinquent clothes. He sported a pompadour hairstyle, and wore a modified school uniform with his pants looking more like an over-sized skirt. After moving to PK Academy, Aren changed his looks into more of a normal student by wearing fake glasses and sporting his natural dark violet hair. In school, he wears the standard uniform of male students in PK academy. While in days off, he wears long sleeves; possibly to hide his scars which were first seen by Shun. He is very built and muscular.


Like a typical delinquent, aside from being strong and being called in fights, Aren is short tempered when someone is being rude to him. He had a hard time controlling his temper at first when he moved to PK Academy. He also has tendencies to grab anything near him and throw it to the person he's angry at (Takahashi was nearly killed by him, just because they brushed shoulders). Aren also sometimes makes an evil, devilish face when he's angry with someone or is opposing someone, which scares them. He is however, naive and childish when the talk is about motorbikes. He is willing to help those who want to have a license like Shun and Kusuo whom he went so far as to come with them when they took the test for driving licenses. Aren displays weird antics as he doesn't want to sit down in the house of other people. Later on, he is shown to be calm and collected when talking to others.


  • His name is an anagram of the Japanese transcription of the English word "clairvoyance" (クレヤボヤンス, kureaboyansu).
  • Due to Toritsuka Reita ending up in Class 2, he is the first PK Academy transfer student to end up in Class 3.
  • He is good at cooking, drawing, and knows well about motorbikes.
  • Aside from his family, Shun Kaidou is the only person who calls him by his first name.
  • After reading his love letter from "Kumiko", he came up with baby names that are named after an aquamarine gem: a son named Akua and a daughter named Marin.
  • His father was in a motorcycle gang and his mother was in a ladies gang.[1]
  • His aura is sharp and jagged with a mullet in the back.[2]
  • Aren currently lives in his father's childhood home.[3] The house's appearance is a reference to that of Baki Hanma, protagonist of the Grappler Baki series.
  • He shares the same hairstyle, eye color, and blood type as Saiki Kumagoro.


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