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Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan
Saiki Kusuo no Sainan Live Action Movie Poster.jpg
Release Date October 21, 2017
Romaji Saiki Kusuo no Sainan
Japanese 斉木楠雄のΨ難
Director Fukuda Yuichi
Writer Asou Shuuichi (manga)
Fukuda Yuichi (screenplay)
Runtime 97 minutes
Distributor Sony Pictures

Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan, also known as The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., (斉木楠雄のΨ難 Saiki Kusuo no Sainan) is a film based on the manga series by Asou Shuuichi. The film is majorly based on the first cultural festival arc[1] and includes original story.



The film started out with the director going to his eldest son's room, whom was a fan of fellow Jump series, One Piece, and is surprised to find a couple of the volumes of the manga in his bookshelf. He read them, got interested in the story and thought of adapting it and working with Kento Yamazaki, who eventually ended up cast as Kusuo Saiki.[2]

The film was first announced on June 11, 2015 with the release of Chapter 151.[3] In Chapter 194's color pages, before announcing the anime adaptation, the process of the film was joked but no new news was given. Filming took place in late September 2016 in Tochigi prefecture,[4] notably in the Former Ashikaga West High School in Ashikaga, Japan.

On March 15, 2017, the official website for the film released the cast, visuals and a teaser.[5] On July 14, 2017, the trailer was released as well as a tease of the theme song, Koi, Hajikemashita.[6]



Kusuo Saiki is a 16-year-old high school student, born with several psychic abilities. He dislikes his abilities however he tries to live an ordinary, as possible, life.

It is October 9th and the school day starts. His teacher reminds the class that the school cultural festival will start in a month and informs them if any problems arises, the event will be cancelled next year. Kusuo initially was not bothered by this additional information but realizes the event is the only day he can take a relaxing trip. The teacher then asks Kineshi Hairo to lead the discussion of what their project will be.

Kusuo introduces Kineshi, he is their classroom officer and a passionate individual. Kusuo remembers a case of when they were playing dodgeball, Kineshi grabbed the ball before Kusuo was declared out and was the only one left in the game after Kineshi got injured. With the dicussion going on, someone suggests the class should do an exhibition, something Kusuo agrees. The class ultimately decides to do a rock exhibit, after initial rejection from Kineshi. Kusuo also decides to go to the festival instead of going to his regular trip to stop any problems that can happen.

The class is dismissed and a classmate follows Kusuo to presumably blocking his eyesight but blocks his mouth instead. Kusuo immediately knows who it is, someone who can easily discreetly bypass him, Riki Nendou. Riki is an idiot and the only person Kusuo can not read his thoughts, if he ever has any. Riki asks him if they should look for rocks for the project and if they should get ramen, both requests Kusuo declines. Riki decides to just follow him to whichever place he is walking to. They are then stopped by someone, Shun Kaidou. He tells Kusuo there is something he wants to show him and asks Kusuo to follow him. Kusuo obliges and Riki tags along.

In the school roof, Shun explains he received a strange letter and is certain he received it from Dark Reunion. Kusuo explains Shun is a Chūnibyō and always speaks like this. Riki asks what is in the letter, Shun replies he does not know but he is certain the group will attack the cultural festival. Kusuo asks Shun if he can have a look on the letter and Shun gives it to him. Kusuo uses psychometry to find out who gave Shun the letter.

It is a week before the festival and there are a few students who have found rocks for the project. A group of students go into shock, hearing that a student, Kokomi Teruhashi, will not take part in the beauty contest. Kusuo introduces her as the most popular girl in school. He shares her true thoughts of herself knowing about her beautiful appearance and with those thoughts alone he can not like her. He reminiscences a day in summer vacation, where he was walking with a bag of tea and Kokomi goes up to him to get a reaction. He ignores her, runs away and successfully teleports away. With this event, however, Kokomi started to believe she has feelings for Kusuo and started to be around him. Kokomi goes to talk to him and asks what he will be doing at the festival. Kusuo tells her he will just walk around, but Shun comes in to say Kusuo will help him with his fight with Dark Reunion. She listens to what Shun says before quickly excusing herself, saying she will be looking for a rock, and gets a few "offu" before she is out the door.

It is now the day of the festival. Kusuo eats breakfast with his parents, Kurumi and Kuniharu, and several misfortune signs befall on them. His mother, tells him to stay safe at the festival today and his parents pray for him before he leaves. Walking to school, Kusuo knows he is being followed by Kokomi. She believes she will finally get Kusuo to say "offu" to her at the festival.

At school, the festival is starting. The class is doing their finishing touches of their rock exhibition. Many share what rock they brought in, and a student asks Aren Kuboyasu about his rock, which is tinted with red. Aren states he found it in the back of the school building. After more sharing, the class rallies up to do a group circle before being dismissed. Kusuo is about to exit the classroom however Aren asks Kusuo to introduce him to the audience. Kusuo introduces him as a transfer student who came into his class 3 months prior. Aren is a former delinquent who is trying to be normal, however Kusuo has seen him nearly act reckless without him knowing. Kusuo finishes the introduction and Aren still assumes Kusuo has no knowledge of his past.

Walking around, Kusuo is trying to avoid Kokomi, who is concern that he has not seen her letter to him asking to go to the haunted house together. She follows behind him, decides to go up to him, only to be stopped by her fan club. They express concern about how she did not enter the beauty contest and tell her go to where it is being held. At the process she sees Kusuo look at her and walking away at a different direction. She sadly goes with them.

Kusuo goes outside to watch Uryoku Chouno's magical performance, involving escaping from a box. Believing Uryoku is in danger and it will cause the end of the festival, Kusuo teleports inside the box. He finds out he is not and he can not teleport out for another 10 minutes.With Kokomi, she is a judge at the beauty contest. Aren, Riki and Shun are part of the audience, and Shun decides to leave. Someone stops him and tells him they are part of the Dark Reunion. Kusuo is finally able to use teleportation and escapes. Kokomi is upset Kusuo is not around the area and Shun goes inside Dark Reunion’s hideout.

Kineshi states the 10 km marathon for the festival is about to start. Riki tells him along the lines that it is a terrible idea as no one will run that far. Kineshi informs him the winner gets to stare at Kokomi, thus many males and Riki decide to participate and it begins. Kusuo, arriving at the scene, decides to follow behind them. Meanwhile, with the beauty contest over, Kokomi looks around inside the school building, possibly for Kusuo. Aren goes to his shoe box, only to find letters to challenge him. With Shun, he finds out there are magically balls that can weaken Dark Reunion and decides to look for them.

In the near end of the marathon, Riki catches up to Kineshi after buying some drinks. Kineshi is surprised Riki is not the least bit tired while wearing his regular school uniform and drinking corn potage. Kineshi decides to run faster and recklessly that Kusuo helps turn the traffic lights green and stop him from getting hit by cars and bikes. Riki catches up once again after buying more drinks. Getting to the finish line, Kineshi distracts Riki to make him stop, and wins. Kineshi falls, exhausted, and his shorts fall to expose his butt. Kusuo is in the crowd at the finish and Kokomi goes next to him. She asks him if they can go to the haunted house together, and with Kineshi uncautious, he has no option but to accept.

Aren walks by other delinquents, however they do not recognize him. Shun walks by with some of the magical balls and Aren asks him what is going on with him. Shun tells him that he would rather not say anything as it involves Dark Reunion. The delinquents stop Shun, asking him if he has seen Aren and showing Shun images of him from his former life. Shun initially answers that he has not until they fully name him. Aren reminds Shun about Dark Reunion, he leaves and Aren goes angry when the delinquents start fighting him.

Kusuo and Kokomi walk to the haunted house. Kokomi plans to act terrified to hopefully get him to say “offu” but he keeps his straight face demeanor. About to go inside, Riki arrives and states he will join them. Kokomi tries to get him to leave but Kusuo welcomes him in. A guy tries to scare them, but ends up fainting after seeing Riki. Riki sees props nearby and has an idea to scare the other ghosts. Kusuo goes along to ruin Kokomi’s plans. They get out of the haunted house and Kusuo states he will go wash out the special effects makeup he has on.

Kusuo hurries to finish cleaning up to stop Aren’s fight with the delinquents. He puts some glasses on only to find it is not his regular pair. Riki, with his glasses on, asks him how it looks. Kusuo looks at him, tries to get the glasses back, but realizes his mistake too late. Riki is petrified and will stay that way for 24 hours. He then sends Riki to the rock exhibit in their class and leaves a do not touch sign on him. Kusuo calls home, asking his mother to look for his spare glasses, however she tells him she could not find them. He keeps accidentally petrifying others while trying to find a place that is empty and others will not go to. He makes it to the gym's prep room, only to find Kokomi is in there too. He quickly turns around before she is petrified. She confuses his actions to being nervous being alone with her. He asks her to leave and after some reluctance she does.

Aren nearly finishes winning his fight only for Kusuo to call him by the nearby window. Kusuo asks him if he can borrow his glasses. Aren tells him he needs them to see but Kusuo is insistent. He receives the glasses and teleports to where Aren is. Kusuo then uses restoration to the delinquents, they run away due to being scared of Aren. Aren asks Kusuo what did he do and Kusuo counters the question back to him. Kusuo then tells him he knows everything about his former delinquent life and that he will not tell anyone. Aren gives him excuses and plays dumb. A teacher passes by and tells them to break apart since Aren is too close to Kusuo. Kusuo decides to leave and tells Aren he will give him back the glasses.

Kusuo apports Aren’s glasses with his spare glasses and is finally able to relax. Kokomi comes and tells him that a class is doing something with couples. He is surprised at her forwardness but openly declines her request. Her fan club appears, angry at Kusuo and they decide to purge him. Kokomi tells them she likes them, grabs Kusuo and they make a run for it. They escape and return to the gym prep room. Kokomi sends something on her phone and someone from her club locks the room. Kusuo asks her if she heard something and after trying to open the door she informs him that they are locked in.

Shun goes back to Dark Reunion’s hideout, with all the magical balls that weaken them. A larger group of delinquents are on their way to the school.

Kusuo says Kokomi should stop pretending to be panicked. Kokomi admits in her thoughts that it was all her plot. The thing with Dark Reunion, it is her fanclub. She was the one to give Kineshi the idea of a marathon, just to tire him out. She thought Riki will be tired out too but is relieved that he somehow disappeared. She also inputted letters of challenge in Aren's shoe box so he will get into a fight. She then made it where her fanclub would want to purge Kusuo so they can run away together to where they are. Everything is locked, the windows are bulletproof and he has no way to escape. She also admits Kusuo caught her earlier while she was in the middle of preparing but believes he was clueless. Kusuo is not the least bit surprised by her monologue, he already knew. He can escape however that will mean revealing himself to her. He soon hears the delinquents and knows the possible trouble they can bring.

The delinquents come in, scares all the students away, and ask for Aren. A teacher informs them Aren will not hurt anyone but he tells him that Aren fought a few of them. Aren comes in but is confused due to the lack of vision. With Shun, he does a ritual and all of Dark Reunion runs away. Kusuo is unsure of how to stop them and can only think of overexerting himself with his restoration. The delinquents go to fight Aren but then disappear. Uryoku, who is doing tricks around the school, states it was all apart of his act and the crowd cheers.

Kusuo is unconscious after using restoration, Kokomi believes it is due to them being stuck alone. Kusuo's mind control disappears and Kokomi wonders why he has pink hair and what are the things on top of his head. She removes one of them. Doomsday scenarios happen and she puts the pin back on and off again. Kusuo goes back into consciousness. Kokomi asks him if he is okay, he says he is and gets up. He cracks a table while getting up and apports it away. She is surprised and accidentally lets go of the pin. Kusuo slowly checks his limiters and asks her if she removed one of them. She nods. He asks her to give it back to him. She tells him that she misplaced it. She looks for it after Kusuo asked for it again. She grabs a lollipop from her pocket and asks him if it will work while trying to input it into his head. He says no it will not. The room starts to freeze. Kusuo lost control of his powers and took the whole building into space.

On Earth, everyone saw the building disappear. Shun believes it is his fault since Dark Reunion said they'll bring disaster to the world before they left. Back at space, Kusuo is fine but Kokomi is highly cold. She starts to slowly lie down to Kusuo’s shoulder but he quickly moves away from her. She asks if they will die but he tells her to calm down. She is about to tell him something else but faints from the lack of oxygen. Kusuo then uses his abilities to find his pin and puts it back on. Using telepathy, he tries to find where he needs to land and gets help with Shun doing a ritual to try to get the building back. The building is finally returned however Kusuo feels weak. The lack of oxygen is getting to him and he is slowly fainting. He has a vision that Uryoku has used this room before for a trick and slowly walks to see their escape route.

Presumably the next day, Kusuo eats breakfast with his parents. After his parents received many signs of good fortune, Kuniharu tells Kusuo to have a good day at the festival. Kusuo looks around before deciding to walk to school. Kusuo explains he used restoration in the whole area, thus wiping the memories of everyone of the events that happened. For him, however, it means he has to relive the day once more. At school, the festival is starting and the class forms a group circle before they are dismissed. Kusuo looks towards Kokomi's direction, who is exiting the classroom. Kokomi, smiles at Kusuo before turning away at the door. Concluding the film, Kusuo sighs and looks away.


The film released on October 21, 2017 in Japan.

Home Media

The film was released in DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack in Japan on May 2, 2018.[7] A Chinese distributor released a Cantonese dub and Traditional Chinese and English subtitle DVD (Region 3) and Blu-ray (Region A) on June 14, 2018.[8]


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Koi, Hajikemashita was used for the film's opening and closing credits. The soundtrack publishes the film score.


Box Office

The film opened at #2 in the Japanese box office,[9] behind an original script movie, Mixed Doubles.[10] The film ended up grossing over 8.6 million (USD) internationally.[11]

Manga Chapters Used

Manga and Movie Differences

  • Unlike the manga, where Kusuo uses his telepathy to speak, he uses his mouth to speak to the other characters.
  • In the scene reenacting Chapter 13, Kusuo and Kokomi are walking seemingly at a park, and not in a busy street. Riki also does not make an appearance.
  • In the cultural festival, Kusuo went to the haunted house with Riki and Shun. Kusuo also only petrifies Riki and borrows his father's glasses.


  • Asou-sensei himself makes a cameo in the movie.[12] Wearing a PK Academy male uniform, he says "offu" to Kokomi.
  • The poster for the film was referenced to make Chapter 251's title page.
  • Kusuo referenced Elsa, from the Disney film Frozen, when he used his Cryokinesis to protect himself from the box being on fire.
    • Similarly, Kokomi states they are in a Disney movie when Kusuo and her were in space.
  • While Kusuo and Kokomi walked to the haunted house, they see a class reenacting the opening scene of Assassination Classroom, a fellow Weekly Shōnen Jump series.
    • It is possibly referencing to the two crossover chapters of the two series.

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