Manabe Baiku
Manabe anime
Character Name
Full Name Manabe Baiku
Kanji 真鍋 梅久
Furigana まなべ ばいく
Personal Info
Birthday July 12
Sign ♋ (Cancer)
Blood type B
Gender Male
Affiliation Driving School
Occupation Instructor
Manga Debut Chapter 112
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 22
English Voice Jeremy Inman
Japanese Voice Kawasaki Fumitaka

Baiku Manabe (真鍋 梅久, まなべ ばいく lit. Manabe Baiku) is a driving school instructor in charge of Kusuo, Shun and Aren. He obviously that of the thug-type person, from his appearance to his wordings but most of all, his unusually strong love for bikes. He thought that it was impossible for Shun and Aren to get a license due to their lack of capabilities but due to their eagerness and strong enthusiasm towards bikes he was moved and was eager to teach them.


  • His name comes from the words "学ぶ (まなべ)" which means learn/study and the Katakana spelling of bike/motorcycle, "バイク" respectively.
  • His catchphrase BKB, is a reference to Japanese comedian, Fumitaka Kawasaki, whom has a skit involving the phrase as well as it is his common nickname.
    • Said comedian also happens to voice the character in the Japanese dub of the anime.
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