Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia
Character Name
Full Name Matsuzaki
Kanji 松崎
Furigana まつざき
  • Boring-matsu
  • Matsuchist
  • Pervy-matsu
  • Stupid-matsu
  • Zaki-matsu
Personal Info
Birthday September 21
Sign ♍ (Virgo)
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Height 187 cm
Weight 78 kg
Affiliation PK Academy
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Gym Instructor
  • Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 2
English Voice Bryan Massey
Japanese Voice Taro Yamaguchi

Matsuzaki (松崎, まつざき) is the school's gym teacher and guidance counselor. Kusuo introduces him in terms of "good cop bad cop" and that he'd be the bad cop. He is feared and hated by the students. Kusuo thinks that Matsuzaki-sensei isn't that bad and is actually a good ally for weak-willed students like him.


Matsuzaki always wears a PE jersey and carries a wooden sword with him in school. He sports a beard which is constantly being shaved.


Matsuzaki is a serious and curious PE coach who absolutely follows the rules. He confiscated things that his students brought that were unrelated to school.

As a PE coach, he chooses any sport for his students. He takes cheating very seriously, such as when Takahashi and his friends tried to take a taxi to the finish line. He views Hairo Kineshi to be his best student.

Like Nendo Riki, Matsuzaki is also an idiot when Riki said that Takahashi has a hair root virus.

According to Kusuo, he would be an ally to him.

He has a soft side for his students, such as taking time to repair items he confiscated if damaged, and when receiving a false love letter from a student. He thought that it was inappropriate for a teacher to have that sort of relationship with students, but still waited for hours just so that he could let them down gently.


Matsuzaki was first seen preforming a clothing inspection on the students outside the school and then later getting into a fight with Kongou, a delinquent. He was about to be beaten up by Kongou when Hatakeyama-sensei stepped in and defeated Kougou, saving him.

He later shows up checking Kusuo's classroom and started confiscating unnecessary things students had brought to class. After leaving, it was shown how the students both feared him and hated him by constantly playing with his name. Later that day, Takahashi and his friends saw Matsuzaki complaining that "it was hard" and concluded that he was playing the game he recently confiscated from one of the students. Takahashi, one of the victims who had brought a rare Gorillabbit to class tagged along with his other two friends and thought of a way to get their revenge on Matsuzaki. Kusuo, who overheard this, decided at first to ignore them, but then his interest was piqued and he went to take a look at what was happening. The plan was to make Matsuzaki wait at the school for hours using a love letter that Takahashi made. Matsuzaki took the bait and was standing in front of the school for nearly 2 hours. This made Kusuo feel the need to help him since he had been helped by Matsuzaki before in the past. Kusuo transformed himself into a girl and went as girl known as Kusuko. Takahashi and his friends were shocked to see a cute girl appearing, since the letter was supposed to be a fake, and they thought that there might have been a coincidence. Matsuzaki then rejected Kusuko, saying he shouldn't play favoritism towards his students, so he can't answer her feelings. Kusuko accepted this and went on his way near where Takahashi and the others were hiding, and Matsuzaki found them. They were about to run away when Matsuzaki stopped them saying how he was trying to fix the Gorillabbit he tore, and that it was hard to sew. Realizing they were misunderstanding him, the three apologized to Matsuzaki and went home.


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