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Character Name
Full Name Mera Chisato
Kanji 目良 千里
Furigana めら ちさと
  • Chisapo (by Mikoto)
  • Mera-san
Personal Info
Age 16
Birthday April 15
Blood type A
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Weight 48 kg
Affiliation Café Mami (Employee)
Family Mera Kiyoi (Father)
  • Student
  • Waitress
School PK Academy
Year/Course 3
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Anime Debut Episode 9
English Voice Megan Shipman
Japanese Voice Uchida Maaya

Chisato Mera (目良 千里, めら ちさと lit. Mera Chisato) is a classmate of Kusuo's. She works part time in Cafe Mami as a waitress.


Chisato sports maroon hair tied into two low bunches with colorful beads. She has maroon eyes and wears a pair of round spectacles with a piece of lens missing. Her PE Uniform and swimsuit had other people's name on it as she could not afford to buy new ones. She is described to have a starved appearance.


Chisato is a clumsy girl that frequently breaks dishes and gets hyped whenever food or money is being talked about. As a gluttonous person, she'd eat anything if push comes to shove but she had a good job of surviving like when she did the searching of food when they all got stranded in an island.


Chisato's family used to be rich but due to a sudden debt crisis, their family sunk into debts and is now very poor. Because her mother is sick and she has a lot of younger siblings, she has to work more than one job. Not much was exposed about her family but it was said that she has a lot of siblings and is low in financial support.


  • Her main diet is beansprouts and bread crumbs.
  • Mera's name uses the same Kanji as the Japanese for clairvoyance (千里眼, Senrigan).[1]
  • She often mentions that she has eaten grass and snow since the previous month.


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