If your skills were long hair, mine would be eyelashes.

—to Kusuo about magic

Nakanishi Kouta


Murotsuyoshi as Chouno Uryoku

Character Name
Full Name Nakanishi Kouta
Kanji 中西 宏太
Furigana なかにし こうた
Aliases Chouno Uryoku (Stage Name)
Personal Info
Age 27 years old
Birthday June 27, 1987
Blood type O
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 64 kg
  • Magician
  • Office worker (Formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 03
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 3
English Voice Austin Tindle
Japanese Voice Morikubo Shōtarō
Live Action Muro Tsuyoshi

Kouta Nakanishi(中西 宏太, なかにし こうた lit. Nakanishi Kōta), known professionally as Chouno Uryoku (蝶野 雨緑, Chōno Uryoku), was married to Nendou Riki's mom in the past. Kouta is one of the main characters of the series and was starred by Muro Tsuyoshi in the live action of the series.


Nakanishi Kouta Full Design
Nakanishi sports a wavy neck length green hair and a green eyes. He usually wears his uniform purple suit and a capotain hat where he usually hides his birds.


Nakanishi is terrible with money, as shown when he spent 1 million yen on a trick box.


Kouta used to be a businessman, but got fired after he made a mistake.


He's a homeless magician that first appeared playing tricks in the street with his partner Michael. Basically Chouno goes in and out of being a homeless failure and a semi-successful magician. Saiki ends up helping him out every once and a while just on a whim, but doesn’t think very highly of him. Chouno has seen some of Saiki's powers, but thinks it's just stage magic. Because of this, he treats Saiki like a veteran illusionist and even calls him "master". At his most successful, Chouno had a weird comedy magic act going on.


  • He used to work at a very famous publishing company.
  • His catchphrase is “Amazing!”
  • Nakanishi Kouta (中西 宏太) -> Naka ni Shikonda -> hidden within (ie- like hidden up a magician’s sleeve)
  • His stage name is a pun on "supernatural power" (超能力 chou nouryoku).


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