Nendou Midori
Character Name
Full Name Nendou Midori
Kanji 燃堂 緑
Furigana ねんどう みどり
Personal Info
Age 30
Birthday October 31
Blood type Unknown
Gender Female
Height 186 cm
Weight Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 46
Anime Debut Episode 9
English Voice David Wald
Japanese Voice

Midori Nendou(燃堂 緑, ねんどう みどり lit. Nendou Midori) is the mother of Nendou Riki, the widow of Takeuchi Riki, and the ex-wife of Nakanishi Kouta.


Midori has the same appearance as her late deceased husband Takeuchi and son Nendou and their son Riki with the only difference being the scars on their eyes.


Unlike her son and dead husband, she seems to be more intelligent and rational as seen when she reprimanded her son for playing with knives. She also took back the account card from her ex-husband after he voiced spending a large amount on magic equipment.


In a conversation with Kaidou's Mom and Kurumi, Midori revealed how she met Riki's father and gave birth to him when she was just 15 years old.

Midori divorced Nakanishi so he could stand on his own feet and is currently supporting her son as a single mom.


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