Partner! You've gotta stop befriending these kind of guys!
I'm saying this as your best friend, trust me!

— To Kusuo about Shun, Volume 0, Chapter 06

Nendou Riki

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Character Name
Full Name Nendou Riki
Kanji 燃堂 力
Furigana ねんどう りき
Aliases Baron Cola (by Yuuta)
Personal Info
Age 17 years old
Birthday May 9
Sign ♉ (Taurus)
Blood type O
Gender Male
Height 191.3 cm[1]
Weight 79 kg
  • Student
  • Convenience store cashier (Formerly)
  • Ramen shop employee (Formerly)
  • Waiter (Formerly)
School PK Academy
  • Year 3 Class 1.png (Currently)
  • Year 2 Class 3.png (Formerly)
Novel Debut Extra Stories of Psychics
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1
English Voice David Wald
Japanese Voice
Live Action Arai Hirofumi

Riki Nendou (燃堂 力, ねんどう りき lit. Nendō Riki) is a dutiful and dull-witted boy. He likes helping people and prioritizing the weak.[4] Riki is one of the main characters of the series and was starred by Arai Hirofumi in the live action of the series.


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Riki is evil in appearance and sloppy in behavior, and thus avoided by his classmates. His defining physical attribute is the scar on his left eye, something that can be used to differentiate between him, his father and mother who all have the same faces. His hair is cut in a weird way with his bangs colored yellow while the rest is black. In school, he wears the standard PK Academy uniform but keeps his uniform open showing a t-shirt. Outside the school, he mostly wears collared shirts.


Riki's dominant traits are his apparent lack of intelligence and the scar on his left eye. Because of his looks, he may be interpreted as a bad guy sometimes. He can be considered as very strong young man as he can easily defeat Hairo in every aspects of physical activities and sports.[5] Riki is the only person Saiki Kusuo fails to the read thoughts of. Because of that, he is usually an idiot in bad manners and typically needs things to be explained to him countless times but he still cannot understand it.[6] Due to giving Takahashi mouth-to-mouth, Riki is the worst of the worst for being evil.

However, despite his villainous face and actions, Riki was a kind man which Kusuo himself thinks that only the latter thinks so as Riki would usually be judged by others as a delinquent boy. This kindness was seen when he rescued a girl who rejected him from drowning and accepted her apology for harshly turning him down, at the same time he saved Kaidou Shun and Hairo Kineshi. Due to his past as an owner of a hamster, when he got Koriki No. 2 from Kusuo, he showed a great deal of patience and care to the hamster and the two got along so well he would sometimes take it with him to school. He is willing to help his classmates, giving pointers in cooking class, and sharing his coffee anmitsu with Saiki during the Okinawa trip. He cares deeply for his family, often visiting his father's grave despite never having met him and wanting to get a job so he could buy a gift for his mother, although lacked the competency to keep it for long. Ultimately he has a heart of gold and a brain of mush.

Unlike his kind personality and similar to Toritsuka Reita (whose spirit guardian is the former's late father), Riki is often sexual and perverting towards women, including Teruhashi Kokomi (he gave her his outfit choice for her that appears inappropriate and highly lacks fashion sense in Chapter 127) and has a preference of dating them with stunning features such as curvy waists and nicer body parts, as stated in Chapter 171.


  • Athletic Strength - Similar to Hairo Kineshi (despite that it is surpassed), Nendou has incredible strength that, while not on Saiki's level, is superhuman compared to normal people.


When Riki was a freshmen, he was introduced as a bully that constantly picks on Kusuo and copies his notes. He later changed and became Kusuo's stalker after thinking that Saiki was the one who saved him when he was framed by Takahashi. Later that day, Riki became a protector of Kusuo, scaring any people passing by Kusuo and constantly pesters Kusuo to eat ramen once school ends. In a time skip, Riki was a sophomore along with Kusuo and Shun and the three are grouped together with Kusuo seen in center, the students thinks Kusuo is the leader of their group.


  • (To Kusuo) "Let's go get some ramen, partner!"
  • (To Kusuo) "Hurry, run away Saiki. Don't worry about me... run... It's my turn to save you so hurry!"
  • (To Kusuo) "Don't worry partner, I'll protect you!)"
  • (To Takahashi) "Well, since it was my first kiss, could you go easy on me?"
  • (To Kusuo about Shun) "Partner! You've gotta stop befriending these kind of guys! I'm saying this as your best friend, trust me!"


  • 燃堂 力 (Nendou Riki) can also be read as “Nendou Ryoku” , which is the Japanese term for telekinesis.
    • The kanji for his first name, 力,means “power”.
  • His childhood dream was to be a carpenter.
  • In his profile, Riki's blood type is said to be either O or B.[7]
  • Kusuo explains that the reason he can not read Riki's mind is because the speed of Riki's thinking is the same as the speed he talks.
  • Shun's mother considered him as a genius (along with Kusuo) because they finished the workbook in a little time that was given by her.
  • Although Riki is dumb, he can be very smart whenever Shun lies about his "power" as stated by Kusuo.
  • His guardian spirit is an "old hag", as stated by Toritsuka Reita.


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