Niwayama Kyuuji

Niwayama anime


Character Name
Full Name Niwayama Kyuuji
Kanji 庭山 球児
Furigana にわやま きゅうじ
Personal Info
Birthday July 23
Sign ♌ (Leo)
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
School PK Academy
Manga Debut Chapter 110

Kyuuji Niwayama (庭山 球児, にわやま きゅうじ lit. Niwayama Kyuuji) is the coach of the Tennis Club. His teaching methods is sparta-like, applying a harsh daily routine/training for the members. He started eyeing Kusuo and Toritsuka after their eagerness to participate in the summer camp. However, he rejected this idea eventually after witnessing how they were problematic students.


  • Niwayama Kyuuji full name and character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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