Onimatsu Gokuya


Character Name
Full Name Onimatsu Gokuya
Kanji 鬼松 獄哉
Furigana おにまつ ごくや
Personal Info
Birthday December 24
Blood type A
Gender Male
Affiliation Weekly Shounen Cognac
Occupation Editor-in-Chief
Manga Debut Chapter 62
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 11
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Yanaka

Gokuya Onimatsu (鬼松 獄哉, おにまつ ごくや lit. Onimatsu Gokuya) is the Editor-in-Chief of the "Weekly Shonen Cognac" and shows a tough personality that doesn't hesitate to give corporal punishment to those subordinates that creates failures and even more so, makes them lick his shoes. On the other side of the coin, he's pretty nice when in contact with Cognac readers.


  • Onimatsu Gokuya full name and character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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