Rifuta Imu


Rifuta Imu

Character Name
Full Name Rifuta Imu
Kanji 梨歩田 依舞
Furigana りふた いむ
Personal Info
Birthday April 13
Blood type A
Gender Female
Height 149 cm
Weight Unknown
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
Year/Course Year 1 Class 5
Manga Debut Chapter 143
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 4
Japanese Voice M・A・O

Imu Rifuta (梨歩田 依舞, りふた いむ lit. Rifuta Imu) is a 1st year student and supporting character in Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan.


Rifuta Imu CharaFull
Imu sports blonde hair which she styles in twin tails. Each tail is hold up by scrunchies that are made up of the Zener card symbols. On school days, she wears the standard female PK Academy uniform, a long-sleeved shirt with a ribbon on her chest and a green skirt. For some minor individuality, she wears knee high black socks.


She is overconfident, has strong desire for recognition and takes pride in her appearance and ability to charm the boys, which tends to resemble a less potent version of Kokomi's charm.


Imu is a popular 1st year girl in PK Academy. She is continuously outshined by Kokomi.[1] After a popular guy asking her out was caught staring at Kokomi, Imu then goes after her by looking for her weaknesses. At that moment, she sees Teruhashi talking to Kusuo and assumes she likes him. She later gets confirmation from her and goes after him. Imu tries to ask Kusuo out, but runs away. She thought he was attractive after he somewhat tells her that he likes her more than Kokomi.[2] She later realizes that she dislikes Kusuo, as she believes he is a playboy/cheater, and she doesn't actually hate Kokomi.[3] She becomes attached to her, thinks of destroying Kusuo's image and make Kokomi fall out of liking him. She organizes a mixer event for her and they have a great time.[4] After searching for a boy to date her with Kusuo, she finds out that Kokomi has a brother who is as beautiful as she is, so she falls in love with him.[5] Her love for him becomes too obsessive and she asks Kusuo to introduce her to him. After much of her persistence, he goes along with her and the two end up meeting him. Makoto, believing Imu is Kusuo's girlfriend, asks them if they should go on a double date. She agrees and faints.[6]


  • Her name is a pun/anagram of Time Leap "Rifutaimu" - "Taimuriipu"[7]


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