Saiki Kuniharu

Kuniharu is Kurumi's husband, which she loves a lot. They are often seen hugging one another and using loving words. In Chapter 1, their relationship appeared to be terrible, but with Kusuo's intervention, they realised that they still loved one another and hence stopped quarreling.

Saiki Kusuo

Kusuo is Kurumi's youngest son, which she also loves a lot, which could be seen from her delight that he had managed to make friends. Kusuo claims that Kurumi was the main reason why he has not done bad things with his powers. Kusuo also respects Kurumi more than his father. This can be seen when he makes sure that he does not cause her any trouble, and did not have the heart to tell her that bringing a childish looking bento that she had made specially for him to school as a second year was embarrassing. Even Kusuo fears her when she snaps. Kurumi also trusts Kusuo more than other people, as shown when she angrily punches Masuda Shuuji, and old classmate of hers, for suggesting that Kusuo had attacked him for no reason, saying that Kusuo would never do such a thing, shocking Kusuo as Kurumi had never doubted the words of others before.

Saiki Kusuke

Kusuke is her elder son. He, like Kusuo, respects and cares about Kurumi more than their father, whom he often ignores.

Saiki Kumagoro

Kumagoro is her father, who loves her a lot and secretly wishes for her to come and visit him more frequently even though he appears cold and uncaring in front of her.

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