Saiki Kusuke

Kusuke anime


Character Name
Full Name Saiki Kusuke
Kanji 斉木 空助
Furigana さいき くうすけ
  • Dr. Kusuke
  • Ku-kun (By Kurumi)
Personal Info
Epithet Genius
Age 19 years old
Birthday June 16
Blood type B
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 63 kg
  • College Student
  • Inventor
School University of Cambridge
Year/Course Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 103
Anime Debut Episode 19 (Mentioned)

Episode 21 (Actual)

English Voice Chris Patton
Japanese Voice Nojima Kenji

Kusuke Saiki (斉木 空助, さいき くうすけ lit. Saiki Kusuke) is Kusuo's elder brother, a super genius who likes to invent machines/devices. He is 2 years older than Kusuo.


Chara Kusuke
Kusuke, like Kusuo, was born with a different hair color than his parents. He has yellow-green hair and the same color eyes. He wears his "Telepath Canceler" whenever he is around Kusuo. When working, he is mostly seen with his machines, wearing a typical white lab coat worn by scientists. When in school, he wears a long black robe with a white collar buttoned up while on his days off, he wears normal clothes such as a t-shirt and pants.


Kusuke ahyu
Kusuke is prideful and competitive when it comes to Kusuo and would do anything to win against him when they were kids. However, he would always lose against his little brother. Thus, he became a huge masochist to playing/fighting with Kusuo. Kusuke is a sadist as shown when he enjoyed seeing Kusuo, Kaidou and Nendou being chased by crowds of people. Kusuke is also obsessed with Kusuo and can be attention seeking and selfish. This is best shown when he made a time machine to go back 20 years in the past when Kusuo was still alive (in this chapter, Kusuo was already dead[1]) and when he made Kokomi cry by saying that Kusuo and Kokomi are not fit for each other.

He is also deceitful, always showing an angelic smile towards their parents and like Kusuo, ignores his father. Kusuo always thought that Kusuke hated him but he cleared this up saying he only likes to tease Kusuo.


  • Saiki Kusuke name is a pun on Psychic (サイキック Saikikku).
  • It was revealed that he was the one who invented the device limiter that Kusuo wears.
  • He studied in college in London before graduating.[2]
  • He also invented machines for their grandparents and old peoples.[3]
  • He has an IQ of 218.[4]
  • Similar to his brother, he is immune to Teruhashi's beauty.


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