Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia
Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia
Good grief. {やれやれ yare yare)

—Kusuo's common catchphrase.[1]

Saiki Kusuo
Character Name
Full Name Saiki Kusuo
Kanji 斉木 楠雄
Furigana さいき くすお
  • Kusuko/Kuriko (Girl Vr.)
  • Partner/Bro (by Riki)
  • Kuu-chan (by Kurumi)
  • Psi (Cat Vr.)
  • Cyborg Ciderman II (by Yuuta)
Personal Info
Epithet Psychic (Currently)

"Regular Person" (Briefly)

Age 15 (Volume 0)
16 (start of series)
17 years old (Currently)
Birthday August 16
Sign ♌ (Leo)
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male (true gender)[2]
Female (using transformation)
Height 167.6 cm (may vary)[3]
Weight 52 kg (may vary)
Affiliation Occult Club (President)
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
  • Year 3 Class 1.png (Currently)
  • Year 2 Class 3.png (Formerly)
Novel Debut Extra Stories of Psychics
Manga Debut Chapter 00
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Live Action Kento Yamazaki
Voiced By
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Kamiya (Anime)
English Voice
More Voices
Japanese Voices

English Voices

Spanish Voices

Portuguese Voice Fábio Lucindo (Brazilian Portuguese)

French Voice Yoann Sover

German Voice Sebastian Kluckert

Italian Voice Renato Novara

Thai Voice Piphat Bunsitthilert

Kusuo Saiki (斉木 楠雄, さいき くすお lit. Saiki Kusuo) is the main protagonist of Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan who has all kinds of psychic related abilities. He usually tries to avoid getting into troublesome situations. His trademark appearance contains his green-tinted glasses and two pink antennas located slightly above each ear, which have the function of limiting his power. In the beginning, he was always seen alone but as the story progresses he eventually gets along with his schoolmates, especially Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou. Kusuo was starred by Kento Yamazaki in the live action movie based on the series.


Kusuo CharaFull.png

Kusuo wears a control device on both sides of his head which are never removed unless it is absolutely necessary. During the days he has school, he wears the standard PK Academy uniform that all male students wear. On his days off from school, he occasionally wears clothes that are sewn by his mother.[5] However, there are times he is forced to buy clothes since his mother has an interesting taste in clothing patterns.

Kusuo's appearance is not limited to that of a male, as he can also transform into anything (but it takes 2 hours to transform.) While in his female form, Kusuo goes under the name Kuriko[6] (formerly Kusuko[7]). In this form, he has lighter pink hair, lacks visible limiters, wears clear glasses, and is usually wearing the female standard PK Academy uniform. In his cat form, Kusuo is known as Psi and has white fur. In this form, he still wears his glasses and his limiter is in the form of a collar around his neck.

Kusuo, age 11 (top) and age 7/8 (bottom.)

As a child, depending on the time period, Kusuo does not wear any limiters nor his glasses, showing his violet colored eyes. He has striking dark pink hair, that differs from both of his parents and the rest of the world, until he used mind control.[8]

As of the finale, he no longer wears his limiters or glasses. However, right in the end of the epilogue chapters, he reprises them due to his powers begin to return.


As the main character and the story is nearly driven by his narrative, Kusuo is a fully rounded character that changes over the course of the series.

Young Kusuo, visibly upset going to his straight face demeanor

When Kusuo was a child, he was more open to his emotions. Part of it was due to the fact that he was unaware of what his powers did, such as breaking a whack-a-mole machine in an arcade and thinking the machine was giving him praise.[9] He was highly mischievous, such as making his parents look for him for 5 hours after he teleported,[10] and smiled around others without a second thought. However over the course of time, with having to hide his psychic powers from others and his abilities slowly ruining experiences for him, he started to close himself up. Thus, in the present, Kusuo is reticent. He hates being the center of attention,[11] is quite reserved, and rarely uses his voice, instead preferring to project his words via telepathy into the minds of others.

Most of the time, Kusuo is selfless, willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others' sake. He gave up his coffee jelly to get a baseball back to a child,[12] gave Chisato a plane ticket to Okinawa knowing that it will lead to Kokomi winning her way,[13] and preferring to let his father be him, himself being left alone, just so he does not ruin the fun for the other characters.[14] Due in part to this trait, he hates burdening others or owing favors. He always helps Kineshi after he helps him and was visibly disappointed in himself for making his mother keep his abilities a secret.[15] With these characteristics, coupled with his reserved nature, those that know him well,[16] and even Kusuo himself,[17] consider him a tsundere.

Kusuo, as 100 Yen Man, trying to earn money

Kusuo is one of the most responsible characters in the series. He helps with chores around the house, such as cleaning[18] and buying groceries.[19] Despite being able to get anything he wants without using any money, Kusuo saves up money to buy the things he wants, e.g. the Coffee Jelly Maker.[20] He is capable of cheating in exams to get a good score, but he decides to get average scores to avoid attention.[21] Most of all, he tries heavily to not rely on his powers, wanting to achieve things for himself.[22]

In spite of his kind-hearted nature, Kusuo does have some faults. While he is quite intelligent, he lacks some common sense on some concepts, especially when it involves emotions and the internet. For example, he nearly got scammed by an online shop, believing an item would be cheap and not checking for delivery details.[23] He can easily be manipulated with any sweets, especially coffee jelly. He likes to pry on the other characters, though it is often for their own good; for example, while he has stated that he personally does not think he will not fall in love,[24] he will watch others who are in love and help them if he can. Examples include deciding to spy on Chiyo and Shun walking together the day after Valentine's Day[25] and helping Satou Hiroshi with his crush on Suzumiya Hii.[26][27] He is also prideful, such as refusing to admit his obvious seasickness,[28] describing how incredible his own powers are throughout the series and sometimes referring himself as god.[29] Some other characteristics include being stubborn, pessimistic, and a bit of a hypocrite.

Kusuo, asking Reita, to say hi to the others

As time progresses, he grows from not having any friends in his first year of high school, having no single thought of becoming close to anyone,[30] to later thinking of himself as a friend of several of his classmates after much pestering from Riki, Shun, Kineshi, Kokomi, Chiyo, Reita, Aren and Mikoto. He always takes care of them when they are in trouble and vice versa. He trusts them enough to nearly tell them about his psychic powers but ultimately did not, just so he will not burden them with a big secret.[31]

Due to a combination of his introverted nature and his subconscious ability to read minds, Kusuo holds little interest in social activities. Therefore, he typically spends his free time alone; he is a bookworm, having several books in his room, and is frequently in his school's library.[32] He enjoys watching television, including anime,[33] due to electronics (unless he uses his psychometry) being mostly unaffected by his powers.[34] While not being able to set foot in a movie theater without getting spoilers, he also enjoys watching movies.[35]


Kusuo was born on August 16th by completely normal parents, housewife Kurumi Saiki and manga editor Kuniharu Saiki. He is raised by them alongside with his older brother, Kusuke Saiki.

Kusuo, as a baby, with his parents

During his mother's pregnancy with him, Kusuo was using his transformation ability which can be seen in the CT scans. When he was born in the hospital, he came out as a girl but an hour later he became a boy.[36] Exactly 2 weeks after his birth, he spoke his first words to his parents via telepathy. At 1 month, he started to walk and fly. At 1 year old, he was able to run errands.[37] He enters Kindergarten, where he played rock paper scissors and always won against other children and his teachers. After a teacher got angered from losing and attempted to punch him, rumors started to spread throughout TV and the internet about him.[38] Possibly due to this, at the age 4, Kusuo was then pursued by a certain nation’s intelligence agency and he ended up erasing the entire nation.[39] After much effort to resolve matters, Kusuo decided to hide his abilities to avoid trouble; Kusuo always being wary on using his abilities when others are possibly around and distancing himself from classmates.

When he was 6 years old, he slowly started to befriended Touma Asumi, an observant boy who retorts to one of their classmates. They first met in their elementary school's entrance ceremony, Touma wets himself due to nervousness, and Kusuo took him to the restroom. They ended up in the same class and sitting next to each other.[40] One day, after school, Kusuo was about to teleport behind a bush, due to wanting to see a certain television show, and he witnesses his classmates bully Touma. Thinking Touma has passed out, Kusuo healed him by touching the tip of his shoe to Touma's arm.[41]

Kusuo telling Touma about himself

Prior to current Kusuo travelling back in time, Touma quickly wakes up and asks young Kusuo if he just healed him and if he is a psychic. Kusuo uses his "playing dumb face" while several other kids were around. The other kids leave but Touma sticks around, still amazed at what he has done. Kusuo takes a liking to him; Touma asks him to show him more and thus he tells Touma about his powers. After some events, Touma ends up telling the class he is a psychic and Kusuo ended up destroying the classroom. Kusuo then swore to himself to never reveal his powers to anyone after that.[42]

After current Kusuo traveled back in time, he influenced the event and everything changed. Young Kusuo leaves before Touma wakes up and unknowingly dropped his name tag. The next day, in PE class, Touma was bullied in front of his classmates. Right before he was about to be hit again, Kusuo uses his powers to their classmate on the pull up bar. At that moment Touma loudly exclaimed that Kusuo is a psychic but Kusuo just uses his "playing dumb face," to deter him.

Kusuo seeing Touma get bullied

A year after the pull up bar incident, Touma still talks to Kusuo. They do small talk, such as talking about an art project. Kusuo made a robot for the project, which he later uses to destroy Kusuke’s own robot.[43] Touma thought it was trash but quickly apologizes to him. Touma is soon bullied by their classmates but Kusuo only watches others help him. It became an occurrence where Kusuo sees him get bullied, such as classmates taking his shoes and writing mean things about him in the chalkboard, but does not help him in fear of Touma finding about his abilities. Then one day, Kusuo was walking home when he suddenly heard Touma was in trouble. He runs back to the school and finds that Touma has been knocked out by his classmates and is been made fun of. Kusuo snaps and destroyed the classroom. The next scene shows the destruction of the classroom and the bodies of injured children on the ground with Kusuo standing with a stolid face. He erases their memories of him arriving to the scene and made Touma forget about the pull up bar event. Kusuo soon transfers away, afraid that their memories will come back if he stays.[44]

Sometime closely afterwards, Kusuo started wearing his green-tinted glasses, that he found in his toy box.[45] The glasses block his petrification ability, that grew too much. They are shown when he and the rest of his family visited his maternal grandparents. He got along well with his grandparents in the trip, but neither him nor his parents told them about his powers.[46]

Right after Kusuo puts his control devices for the first time

When he was 11 years old, he started wearing his control devices[47] that he and mostly Kusuke invented.[48] They, along with their parents, initially thought it would completely remove his powers. However, the devices instead weaken his powers, to the point of removing his petrification ability for a brief, undisclosed, period of time. Kusuo quickly figured out that his left device limits his powers but did not understand what his right one did. He soon finds out Kusuke put it as a self destruct switch, which, upon removed, his powers were to be revealed to the whole world. Kusuke made it a competition between the two, where he would try to remove it over the years. Kusuo ended up beating him up every time he attempted to grab it.[49] Eventually, about a year later, Kusuke leaves to England and Kusuo does not see him for several years.[50]

Kusuo and his family lived in a different area in Japan up until he was in middle school.[51] Around Kusuo’s first year of high school, the family needed to move after Kusuo caused another accident with his abilities. His parents ended up buying a house from Kusuke located in Hidari Wakibara and moved in.[52] Thus, at 15 years old, Kusuo transfers into PK Academy.

Kusuo, Riki, & Shun as 1st years

Once again, Kusuo keeps his distance from classmates to keep his psychic abilities a secret. The only person to talk to him is Riki Nendou. Riki, known as the class delinquent, usually asked Kusuo for his homework to copy it. Kusuo once subtly helped him when everyone else thought Riki stole their classmates' wallets. Riki somehow believed Kusuo was the only one to be on his side through the whole ordeal and started to become friendly with him.[53] After a while, Kusuo discovers he can not read Riki’s thoughts after a day of trying to avoid him. After another attempt to avoid Riki, Kusuo then learns and is surprised that Riki is a nice guy. Riki came to his aid against some punks and allowed himself to get hurt to give Kusuo a chance to run away. Kusuo respects him in this aspect, helps him fight the punks and slowly allows Riki to be around him.[54] After the two got friendly, Shun Kaidou went to befriend Kusuo. Kusuo rejected his quest on finding a mysterious alien, which later turns out to be Kusuo. After learning why Shun is so insistent on looking for the alien, just so Shun can have an excuse to talk to him, Kusuo just gives up. Kusuo transforms into the alien, met Shun later into the evening and teleported away once Shun saw him. With this, it allows Shun to talk to him the next day and ends up meeting Riki.[55] The three started to hangout since then.

In Kusuo's 2nd year in PK Academy, he ends up in the same class again as Riki and Shun. There he also meets his new classmates that will soon be part of his ‘disastrous’ life. Chiyo Yumehara, a girl who initially had a crush on him.[56] His class representative, Kineshi Hairo, a highly charismatic individual that pushes Kusuo to do his best.[57] Kokomi Teruhashi, a beautiful popular girl who also ends up crushing on him.[58]

Around after the summer holidays, he meets Reita Toritsuka, a fellow psychic who can see ghosts.[59] Reita transfers to his school, albeit is in a different class, and after some events he formally meets Reita’s spiritual guardian, Riki Takeuchi, Riki’s dead father who acts like his son.[60]

Riki removes Kusuo's control device

In the fall, the school has their sports festival, Kusuo having to attend after his parents begging. There his class accidentally finds out he is a fast runner, no one telling him the other students he was competing against were part of the track and field team. Sometime after, Riki removes his left side control device making him go unconscious[61] and nearly causing the near end of the world. Kusuo wakes up after the control device was inputted on his head again, however lacks control of his abilities. He decides to leave, but after feeling guilty that everyone was worried about him, he stays.[62] He participates with the team activities and they nearly won if Kusuo did not have lack of control of his body.[63]

A month later, on Christmas, his family, Riki and himself enjoy dinner and shared presents.[64] A week later, it is the new year, his parents and him, go to the shrine. After praying for a peaceful day, Kusuo runs into Shun, Kineshi, Riki and Kokomi. His parents, happy he has made friends, invite them to the house for snacks. While there his mom accidentally tells them about Kusuo being a psychic.[65] Kusuo makes them forget of what she said but get attached to him more due to the disadvantage of the ability he used.[66]

Sometime afterwards he meets Anpu[67] and later on transforms into his female form to indirectly help Matsuzaki with Takahashi and friends.[68]

Kusuo finding the telepathy blocking ring

One day, after helping his parents get rid of door-to-door salesmen, he discovers a ring that, if worn, makes his telepathy disappear.[69] He finds out the ring contains a metalloid, called Germanium, that can cancel his telepathy. Overjoyed at the discovery, he goes to a movie theater, only to run into Kokomi and meet her older brother, Makoto Teruhashi.[70] Soon after the ordeal, Makoto goes to visit Kusuo and tell him to leave his sister alone as well as his true feelings of hating him and loving his sister too much.[71]

Afterwards, most likely in April, Kusuo runs into Uryoku Chouno, helps him with his magic act and learns that his ex-wife is Midori Nendou, Riki’s mother.[72] Near the end of the school year, the class decides to go celebrate the end of exams. Kusuo, on his way home, goes to eat coffee jelly at Café Mami. He ends up seeing Chisato Mera working at the place and gets an extra coffee jelly from her. He helps her with her dilemma and ends up changing how the day originally gone.[73]

In June, while walking home, Kusuo helps Yuuta get his balloon that was floating away. He ended up believing Kusuo is the superhero that he is obsessed with and unknowingly is lost. Kusuo helps him after he throws tantrums and gets him back to his mother. Arriving home, he learns that he is his new next door neighbor.[74]

Kokomi removes Kusuo's control device in his sleep

Summer arrives and Kusuo goes to his school’s class trip to Okinawa. The trip was off to a rough start, Kusuo stopped a typhoon and saved a plane from crashing.[75] On the night before the 2nd day of the trip, his control device was removed and he makes the hotel and Kokomi disappear while asleep.[76] He was able to resolve the problems[77] but more trouble comes in that afternoon when the class goes to the beach. An incident happens with Kokomi and some guys, but with Shun intervening and subtly some of Kusuo’s help, the guys leave. With this incident, it resulted in Chiyo getting over her crush on Kusuo, thus relieving him.[78] Kusuo finishes the trip on a good note, getting an ice cold dessert he wanted on a large scale due in part of the others giving him a piece of their dessert.[79]

After the summer holidays, another new transfer student arrives, this time in Kusuo’s class. His name is Aren Kuboyasu, a former delinquent trying to have a normal life.[80] Aren tries to befriend Kusuo, to initial no avail. He ends up befriends those around Kusuo and gets into the group.[81]

Fall arrives and the school culture festival comes in full swing. Kusuo’s class deciding on doing a display of interesting rocks they have found.[82] On the day of the festival, Kusuo walks around with Riki and Shun and ends up helping a haunted house after Riki made one of the students faint. Kusuo later on goes to the restroom, to clean the special effect makeup off his face, and Riki replaces Kusuo’s glasses with other ones. Due to this Kusuo sees Riki without his glasses and turns him into stone for 24 hours.[83] Kusuo quickly gets his father’s glasses to prevent from making another person into stone and protects Riki from breaking apart for the remainder of the time.[84]

Kumagoro "protects" Kusuo

Time flies, several events go on, and spring arrives. Kusuo and his parents go to visit his grandparents, Kumi Saiki and Kumagoro Saiki during his spring break. It has been years since he last visited.[85] The trip goes with not much incident, aside from Kusuo scaring his grandfather at an amusement park ride.[86] On the day the family is to go home, his grandfather makes it so they can stay another day, however Kusuo knowing his plot beforehand thaws his plans. His parents make horrible excuses for him to hide his abilities from them. Kusuo remembers the last time his parents were going to tell them and gets annoyed on the reason on why it did not happen. The car suddenly stops, the road being blocked by huge boulders. Kusuo decides to tell them about his abilities and informs his mother on it. Kurumi explains to her parents about him while Kusuo lifts the rock with ease. They are highly surprised but later accepting of the fact, making Kusuo relieved and happy.[87]

School starts again and it is the middle of May. Shun, Aren, Riki, Kineshi, Chiyo, Kokomi and Chisato planned for the better part of a week, a surprise birthday party for Kusuo. They have everything planned however it is not close to his birthday, it is all a misunderstanding. After hearing what they all have worked on, Kusuo does not stop their plans.[88] Kusuo goes home early but they make a backup plan by going to his house. Kusuo then uses his father to be his decoy, while they can all enjoy themselves. He does not want to be a nuisance with his regular mood and ruin the party but his father changes his opinion. He finds out that the others caught on that he is acting differently and that they prefer his normal self. Touched on the sentiment, he decides to continue the party with them.[89]

Kusuo and his parents reunite with Kusuke

In June, while walking home, a baseball accidentally hits Kusuo’s control device. The device ends up damaged, making Kusuo unable to control his abilities. He ends up teleporting home, next to his parents, and they quickly find out his predicament. His parents suggest that they should contact Kusuke, his older brother, for help and he begrudgingly agrees.[90] The family quickly travels from Japan to England to visit Kusuke. Kusuke soon quickly fixes the device, however Kusuo is confused as to why he can not hear his brother’s thoughts.[91] Kusuke realizes this and tells him, along with his parents, that he invented a device which will prevent Kusuo from reading his thoughts. After Kusuo wins Rock-Paper-Scissors against Kusuke, Kusuke requests him to teleport them to a hotel room. Arriving in the room, Kusuo realizes Riki and Shun are in the next room. Kusuo questions him as to why they are in England, Kusuke replies they are a handicap for a game of tag he wants to play with him. After being told if he wins he will get tea and dessert, Kusuo is highly willing to play.[92] Kusuo goes to the room Riki and Shun are in to start the game of tag. Kusuke explains the rules of the game to them and thus it starts. After 3 hours of running away from Kusuke, Kusuo wins.[93] The next day, to pass time before their flight departs to Japan, Kusuo, along with Shun and Riki, look around an art museum. Kusuo, with his telepathy and not understanding art, is not very amused but is fine with it.[94]

Kusuo showing his motorcycle license

Time passes and it is now near summer vacation. Kusuo is relieved as he will get a month away from the other characters, or that is what he assumes. After attempting to get away from Kokomi and her plans, his whole vacation was filled up doing activities with the others.[95] On the first two days, he is with the Occult Club. It was mostly a joint attempt of Reita and Chiyo to end up with Arisu and Shun, but Kusuo foiled their plans.[96] Next is a week with Kineshi, Riki and the Tennis Club. Kusuo plots to leave early after seeing Riki. However after ending the game between Riki and Kineshi by hitting the tennis ball too far out of bounds, Kusuo ended up stuck with them for the whole week.[97] After that was a week doing a summer job with Chisato, Riki tagging along, basically taking a pill and doing a test. Kusuo gets concerned when he sees Chisato and Riki change physically but later learns it was the mushrooms they ate.[98] In the final weeks of vacation, Kusuo, Aren and Shun go to a school to get a motorcycle license. Aren and Shun had the most trouble but Kusuo ended up getting his license.[99] On the final day of vacation, Kusuo ends up going to an amusement park with Kokomi and Yuuta. They end up seeing a play for Yuuta and end up participating in the show. [100]

School starts up again and Kusuo’s class ends up having another transfer student. Kusuo, along with the rest of his class, found out the new student, Metori Saiko, only transferred to the school to court Kokomi.[101] Kusuo ends up on Metori's bad side once Metori finds out that Kokomi likes him. With Metori’s family influence, Kusuo, along with the others, were affected by their family getting somehow inconvenienced. Kusuo decides to teach him a lesson the next day, in disguise as a Kokominzu member, after hearing the others stories.[102]

Kusuo with Riki Takeuchi

Time goes by, November arrives, and Kusuo’s abilities keep on increasing. On the night of the 21st, one particular new ability arrives. Kusuo went to sleep after his parents wanted to recount the day they met to him, only to wake up to find the house was gone. He goes to inspect the area, only to bump into Riki’s father, find out he is 20 years in the past and ruined his own parent’s meeting.[103] Kusuo quickly tries to fix his mistake however he ends up stuck in a different timeline.[104] After using the alternate timeline Kusuke’s time machine, Kusuo was finally able to use his new time travel ability and go back to his timeline.[105]

Additional time goes by. On Christmas, Kusuo hides at a park to avoid everyone, hoping to have a quiet day. That plan fails as he unknowingly makes it where Shun, Riki and Kokomi would want to go to his house and celebrate together.[106] On New Year’s Day, he decides to stay home to watch TV, only to find many people he knows are on a program in different channels.[107] Once school starts again, Kusuo goes to a sweets shop as his female form, only to run into Kokomi, Chiyo and Chisato. After Kokomi, unknowingly, nearly confesses to him and makes the content in his school bag fall, they start to believe his female form is his little sister.[108] Kusuo later on finds a hamster that is lost and they find out that his owner replaced her.[109] He ends up finding her a new home with Riki, who gives her the name Koriki No. 2, after the hamster from his youth.[110] He also ends up visiting Metori’s house a couple of times with Shun, Riki and Aren.[111]

The school year finally ends, the 3rd year students are graduating, however Kusuo does not care much since he is only in his 2nd year. He hears his fellow classmates' thoughts, they have memories with a few of them, and the ceremony ends. School starts up again, only for Kusuo to again be in the same class, 2nd Year Class 3.[112] Also during this time, Kusuo ends up running into a freshman, Imu Rifuta, who has the same characteristics as Kokomi. He believes she is cuter than Kokomi, personality wise.[113] Imu later on falls for Kusuo’s plan to use her to get Kokomi away from him. It backfires on him since she ends up crushing on him.[114]

Kusuo sees the shipwreck

Close to summer vacation, Kusuo, Shun, Aren, Riki, Kokomi, Chiyo and Chisato go along with Metori on his family’s private ship.[115] Kusuo partially ends up accidentally shipwrecks the ship and teleports all of them to the other side of the world.[116] He tries to figure out how to get them all back home, only Riki to suggest to the group that they should build a raft. Kusuo instantly agrees.[117] They end up building the raft, with help of the materials Kusuo made come ashore to them.[118] Metori joins them, after staying alone, only to bring up the idea of only a few people going on the raft just in case someone comes to the island first. The group decides on the two groups and finishes up the raft. At night, Kusuo ends up moving several trees, scenery and finally the others to an island near Japan. A rescue team finally arrives and they all go back home.[119] Once they all go back to school, Kusuo runs into the Newspaper Club. They want to get a good scoop from their experience, mostly an interesting story even if it is fake. Kusuo ruins their reputation after they wrote a fake article on him and overhears their plans to write one on Kokomi.[120]

Not too long later, his time travel ability activates on its own, again. He is stuck in a time loop and can only escape when he clears his thoughts. He was able to let time flow in the first loops, however he has trouble when Riki tries to save a child from getting hit by a car. After thousands of tries, he finally was able to escape by using his abilities without thinking.[121]

Summer vacation starts. Days after helping his father play his online game,[122] Kusuo goes to visit his grandparents. Kumagoro nearly gets scammed, Kusuo helps him find the perpetrator and they find out it was Kusuke.[123] After going to a festival nearby and winning against Kusuke in a shooting game, Kusuo finds out Kusuke has graduated and is returning to Japan.[124] Kusuo returns home and on the last day of summer vacation, Riki, Shun and Aren visit his house to copy off of his summer homework.[125]

Mikoto surprised that Kusuo was able to heal Chiyo

School starts again, and another transfer student comes into Kusuo’s class. Her name is Mikoto Aiura and has psychic abilities to predict the future. She came to the school to find her “soulmate” who has the same characteristics as Kusuo. Kusuo, not wanting her to find out about his abilities and tell everyone, decides to avoid her.[126] After monitoring her from afar, he decides to tell her about himself. However, he finds out she will not be able to see his aura, and thus he does not tell her.[127] A while later, after Chiyo accidentally falls off the school roof, Mikoto witnesses Kusuo using his abilities to save her.[128] Without much choice, he tells her and asks her to keep it a secret. Mikoto agrees but only if he helps her keep Chiyo safe, Kusuo complies. After many incidents and helping Chiyo, she believes she fell in love with him. Kusuo, however, is not amused.[129]

Afterwards, Kuniharu asks Kusuo to go back with his grandparents to give Kusuke a package. He agrees with a promise of getting sweets. He finds the whole area is full of technology and heads towards his grandparents. Kusuo hears Kusuke’s thoughts of a cat tank but forgets about it as he is concerned with all the gadgets around. Kusuke tells him he just tried to help the elderly, like teaching them about how to use a smartphone and making human-like androids. His grandfather arrives with a power suit and sees his grandmother in some sort of machine, making him worried but calms down once they see how happy they are. Just as Kusuo starts to slowly be fine with everything, he remembers he came to give Kusuke the package. The items fall out, and Kusuo, along with his grandparents, find out all of this help was all a plot to use it against Kusuo. While they are in shock, Kusuke runs away.[130]

Mikoto and Reita complaining to Kusuo

A while later, after school, Kusuo goes to Cafe Mami to eat coffee jelly only for Mikoto to arrive before him. He asks her why she always uses her abilities to find out where he will go and wait for him. She explains that she loves him, he decides to leave since he does not get it. Reita overhears them and goes up to them, surprised that Kusuo has a date. Aiura and Reita argue, only for Kusuo to shut them up. They get concerned about him using his abilities but they figure out that the other knows too. They complain, Kusuo tells them that it is due to their powers that he told them about himself. They try to outshow their own abilities but they also share their own drawbacks. Reita states they should figure out who is the weakest of the trio, she agrees. Kusuo decides to leave, only to be scared by a cockroach. They decide to defeat the roach, only for both to be scared of bugs too, and it is then killed by the Cafe Mami manager. They call it a draw and Kusuo considers the manager as his sidekick.[131]

Time passes by and it is now the new year. Kokomi decides to visit Kusuo’s house to greet the new year. His parents are too occupied, nearly managing to not have her around, however Kusuke decided to visit at the same time. Kusuo tries to make Kokomi not be around Kusuke, but Kusuke always goes along with them. After Kusuke makes Kokomi upset and Kusuo angered, Kokomi makes Kusuke run away from the area. Kusuo tries to plot to get away from her from the rest of the day.[132]

School starts again and exam results are posted. Kusuo notices someone from class 2 got the same average score as him for the 3rd time. He gets curious and asks Reita, who is in the same class, if he knows the guy named Hiroshi Satou in his class. Reita does not, they ask someone else, and that is when Kusuo finally sees him. He is surprised that all of Hiroshi’s actions are completely normal and wants to be like him.[133]

Imu sees Kusuo with Mikoto

Afterwards, Imu tries to confess to Kusuo about her feelings to him. Knowing this and wanting her to get over him, Kusuo decides to fake having a girlfriend in front of her. He asks Mikoto for help, she agrees and the plan works. Walking away, Kokomi comes to their direction. Kusuo decides to use the same plan on Kokomi, only for Imu to make them hide inside a locker. Imu plans to make Kokomi confess her feelings, open the locker revealing Kusuo and Mikoto inside and make her upset. The plot does not work, Imu gets too surprised at how sincere Kokomi’s expression and response is, and Imu ends up deciding to help her. Kusuo, getting out of the locker once the two are gone, realizes this might get more troublesome.[134] Soon afterwards, Imu tells Kokomi she will do a mixer for her to get her eyes off Kusuo. Kusuo secretly goes along, trying to support Imu on her plans. The guys that were invited have intentions only for Kokomi, but Kusuo still helps them. Kokomi is surprised at how fun the mixer is but adds that she would have liked Kusuo, with his regular demeanor, were here with them too. Surprised and happy with the sentiment, Kusuo decides to get rid of the guys once they go outside of their room. [135]

Time passes by, Kusuo helps Chisato with her father and their money problems,[136] takes his father to meet the author of one of his favorite manga series,[137] and is invited to a cherry blossom viewing party by Shun, Aren and Riki.[138]

Kusuo training before the eruption

It is then the last day of Kusuo’s break before he becomes a 3rd year student. An earthquake occurs, a ceiling lamp falls on Kusuo while he is sleeping and it wakes him up. Kuniharu reminds Kusuo about him having to go to school tomorrow. Kusuo remembers something he has to do and teleports to an area only he knows about. He is there to test and check on his growing abilities as well as one more reason. Kusuo explains they are all in a time loop, time is not going forward and the year keeps on repeating. It is all of his doing, he uses mind control to change the concept of time to everyone and no one notices how they all have not aged. He then states a volcano will erupt, which will cause the end of Japan, which he dreamed will happen. What he tries to do, when it starts to erupt, is to hold the eruption back himself. Kusuo realizes he will not be able to hold it back again and uses restoration on the entire Earth for an entire year. Since restoration does not affect memories, he also uses mind control and thus he is back to square one starting his 2nd year once again.[139]

More time passes. Kusuo helps find a cat and stop a train with Mikoto and Reita,[140] helps the Baseball Club with their cliche problems,[141] helps Imu find someone else to get over Kokomi,[142] and several other activities that summer vacation arrives.

In summer vacation, he helps build a secret base with Shun, Aren and Riki but faints once a bug gets into his face.[143] Days later, Kusuo’s birthday arrives, and he gets a box of coffee jelly only to find it was a trap by Kusuke. Kusuke left a flashdrive in the box and informed Kusuo he will let a firework go off, revealing his secret, unless he does some tasks. Kusuo goes around town doing the tasks, only to finish one minute late. The fireworks turned out to greet Kusuo a happy birthday and Kusuke gave him a year's supply of coffee jelly, which he greatly accepted.[144] After that, Kusuo takes care of Yuuta and takes him to the zoo.[145]

Touma swears that he will prove Kusuo is a psychic

Summer vacation ends, another transfer student enters Kusuo’s class. His name is Touma Akechi and he rambles way too much. Kusuo senses he knows him but does not understand when or how. He believes he is imagining things but decides not to get involved with him. Later at lunch, Aren and Shun decide to sit with Touma since he is alone but Kusuo does not join them. Touma continues to keep rambling on, Kusuo listening to their conversation, and ends up annoying Aren. Touma tells Aren he has no intentions to annoy him since he knows he is delinquent, surprising Kusuo and Aren. Touma tells him all subtle things that lead him to this conclusion as well as how in his former school he was called a “psychic.” Kusuo unknowingly has a memory of his own past, believing he just somehow saw Touma’s past. Touma then informs them that psychic abilities are real, Kusuo starts to realize who Touma is, and that is when Touma talks directly to him asking him if he knows what happened on a specific day. Touma informs Kusuo he used to be called Touma Asumi, they were classmates 10 years prior, and asks him if he is a psychic.[146] Kusuo uses his play dumb face, making Touma laugh as Kusuo used it on him in the past. Touma goes on that he will find clues and have evidence of Kusuo being a psychic. Kusuo walks away, and is surprised that Touma still remembers everything. He then has a memory of Takashi, wanting to bully him too, and gets angered. Touma goes to meet everyone, Kusuo keeps a watch on him, but it leads to Touma not finding anything but he will not give up.[147]

Kusuo accidentally says "offu"

Some more time passes. Kusuo ends up meeting Shun’s little brother, Kaidou Toki, and his little sister, Kaidou Sora.[148] He also subtly makes Kokomi stop changing her appearance, gives up on making her get over him, and accidentally says “offu” indirectly to her (albeit, she believes she imagined hearing it.)[149] As well as, stop another attempt of Touma trying to prove he is a psychic when picking potatoes.[150]

The cultural festival then soon approaches once again. Kusuo and Kokomi were picked to represent and lead the class on their project.[151] They decide to go to the library after school, looking for material to use, since it was decided that they will do a class play. Shun, Aren and Riki arrive to help them too, making Kusuo relieved as he would be “nervous to be alone with her.” They talk about Japanese tales they dislike and decide to retell the story Urashima Tarō for their play.[152] While the class decided on who will play certain parts, Kusuo skips the meeting and leaves a note on what character he wanted to play as. 2 days prior to the festival, he finds out who is cast on parts as well as Metori’s influence into the play. Metori overhears Shun’s plans on killing his character, taking away all the stuff he has funded, leaving Kusuo and the rest of the class with nothing to work with.[153] With one day to prepare, everyone hardly did any preparations. With Kokomi’s character entrance, Kusuo was allowed to use his hypnosis and save the majority of the play. Unfortunately the end of the play failed. Kokomi has to say the line “I also love you,” she chokes once she sees Kusuo is in her view, and at the same time Kusuo’s hypnosis goes undone.[154]

Kusuo asks for Mikoto's and Reita's help

A while after, Kusuo is walking home after school, with Riki and Shun tagging along. Riki and Shun have plans so they will not go get ramen like usual. Kusuo’s glasses suddenly break and it ends up with Riki and Shun petrified for 24 hours. He asks for Reita’s and Mikoto’s help to cover this mess by pretending to be Riki and Shun for a day while Kusuo uses hypnosis.[155] After many shenanigans with several close calls, the 24 hours nearly passes and it starts to rain. Kusuo goes to stop it, ends up wet, is too tired to cover it up, and leaves Riki and Shun surprised.[156]

Late November, Anpu goes to Kusuo’s house to complain about a new cat with a different art style. Kusuo does not get his fuss until he sees the cat himself. He figures out the cat is not an actual cat, but a robot, and that it was Kusuke’s doing.[157] The cat ends up staying in their home and is named Warp.[158]

On the new year, Kusuo decides to wear his telepathy blocking ring. After receiving new years money from his family, he hopes to have a peaceful day. However Shun and Riki come over and invite him to go to the shrine with them with his mother present. Arriving at the shrine they end up bumping into Kokomi and Chiyo and draw fortunes. Everyone has a good fortune, except for Kusuo, which upsets him. He ends up throwing all of his money and the ring as an offering, hoping to have a peaceful year.[159]

Several events happen for the next several months. Kusuo ends up seeing his mother talking with Shun’s and Riki’s mothers, only for Kurumi to nearly accidentally spill the beans of his secret again.[160] Reita asks for his help as payback from helping him with Shun and Riki’s petrification.[161] Secretly followed and slightly helped Chiyo with her Valentine’s Day plans with Shun.[162] He walked home after school with Kineshi, only to get attention after Kineshi tries to stop a robbery.[163] Then he helped Imu meet Makoto on set where she ends up fainting after the mention of a double date.[164]

Kusuo, his clones & Mikoto attempt to stop the eruption

April arrives. Mikoto is using her abilities too much and is too accurate, Kusuo tells her to not overuse it. She does not listen to him, ends up nearly kidnapped but is saved by him. He asks her to help him with something.[165] That something ends up being the volcano he keeps attempting to stop its eruption. He tells her he needs her to predict the spots where it will erupt after the first spot. She gets the idea but does not understand how Kusuo will be able to hold onto the next spot if there is only 1 of him. He reveals to her he has recently gotten an ability to make clones of himself. The eruption soon starts, she starts predicting the spots and they hope to get to their end goal, to move the eruption to the sea. The plan nearly works, until one of his clones leaves his post. Kusuo uses restoration and figures he is now close to stopping the eruption.[166] School starts the following day and he ends up meeting his class’ new teacher, Mr.Iguchi, who has a face of a pervert.[167]

Some more time passes by. Kusuo tries to get a better control of his clones to not have a repeat of his latest attempt. To test them, he sends one of them to the store but immediately falls into trouble when he runs into Riki. Nevertheless, Kusuo plans to keep on testing with them.[168] He also monitors Kokomi, seemingly having a different opinion of her that is quite positive. He ends up catching her before she faints in front of many classmates and takes her to the nurse.[169] He then discovers the fun of virtual reality[170] and nearly becomes viral once Shun accidentally and unknowingly filmed him using his abilities.[171]

Touma lays his final evidence to Kusuo

One day, arriving home after walking with Shun and Riki, Touma goes up to Kusuo and asks him if they can talk. Kusuo tries to go inside but Touma tells him he has been tailing him for half the year and wants to talk at some suspicious times. With not much choices, Kusuo gets Touma inside and into his room. Touma tells him about 4 instances that were off. On November 14th, he was walking with Shun and Riki, his glasses broke and a sumo wrestler crossed his path. Kusuo remembers as he knew he was following him and teleported the wrestler on purpose. Touma goes to the next instance, February 27th, he walked home with Kineshi and got involved in stopping a robbery. Touma saw him in a stance to use his telekinesis but then realized a sniper was behind him. Kusuo remembers that time too, he teleported the sniper too. Touma goes to the following instance, he followed him on a day off on April 23rd. It was the day one of Kusuo’s clones went to the store and he ran into Riki. Touma found his actions weird, almost as if he were a different person, but what he found most weird was when a plant was going to fall on Riki. The plant should have hit him but it changed direction mid fall. What happens next however is that Touma sees a possible magician nearby. Kusuo states that while he was his clone, he is still him and knew not to let his guard down. Kusuo is certain he has nothing on him but Touma reminds him he has one last suspicion. Touma ended up tracking down the sumo wrestler, sniper and magician and asked them about those days. Kusuo realizes he has been caught red-handed and Touma asks him what happened that day in elementary school.[172]

Young Kusuo stopping his present self

Kusuo ends up removing his glasses, petrifies Touma and wonders what to do. He does not want to tell Touma, as he does not want anyone knowing and decided to time travel to make Touma never have suspicion of him.[173] On his 1st attempt he went to the 1st grade, when Touma started being around him.[174] On another attempt he went to the 2nd grade, to the time a big incident happened. His younger self ends up talking to him in his female form, asking how he knows several things about himself. He tries to get away but his younger self realized he was himself and he was kicked back to the current timeline. Kusuo explains he needs to transform before each time leap, as two of the same person can not exist, but his younger self can figure out who he is via telepathy. He also has to worry about the butterfly effect, to not change the past too much or grave effects can happen.[175] On his next attempt, Kusuo decides to arrive right before the pull up bar incident. He admits that he already has tried to change the events around this moment, then eyes his younger self looking directly at him and is frightened. Kusuo ends up throwing a rock to Takashi, all the kids are surprised, Kusuo decides to go back only to find the whole world is destroyed. He goes on to do several more attempts but nothing works. As his last attempt, he decides to throw an erotic magazine, hopes for any change and goes back to the present. Now in an alternative timeline, Kusuo finds the room empty, with no Touma petrified in sight, and believes he has successfully solved the problem.[176]

Kusuo’s memories update and he finds himself with Aren, Riki, Kineshi, Chiyo, Shun and Kokomi coming into his room. They visit him everyday and act differently compared to what he is accustomed to. Shun nicknames him “Kussu” and does a handshake with him, Aren calls him bro, Kineshi calls him president, he is dating Kokomi and Riki acts more feminine. Believing the attempt is a failure, he decides to go back to his timeline and freezes once one of them asks him what is up.[177] Kusuo ends up telling them he is a psychic, not surprised by their shocked reaction, and again decides to leave. They stop him, tell him that they all are still friends and are glad he told them. Kusuo is surprised and happy but nevertheless decides to travel back to his timeline.[178]

Kusuo waits for Touma's petrification to end

Kusuo returns and arrives right when Touma’s petrification starts to go undone. Touma realizes quickly that he is somehow in a new day and Kusuo willingly tells him that he is correct, he is a psychic. Kusuo ends up showing his abilities to him, Touma is in awe and tells him thank you for putting a stop to the bullying. They talk for a while and Touma leaves in the late evening. While he did not achieve to change the timeline to make Touma not find out, Kusuo reveals he did slightly end up changing his and Touma’s past. Touma did know about the secret and reveal it, but now that event never happened. Kusuo knows and understands why Touma did it. He does not blame Touma but himself for telling him. Remembering the alternate timeline, he figures out the others will find out about his abilities too and he will face that when it happens.[179]

More time passes by. Kusuo ends up visiting Aren’s house, with Riki and Shun, and ends up meeting Aren’s father.[180] He also ends up telling Reita and Mikoto that Touma knows about his secret as well. They later put Touma part of their group after he was able to find Kusuo’s missing keys.[181] Summer vacation also goes by quickly. Kusuo visits his grandparents again and partially helps stop their bickering over a toilet seat.[182] He also does his summer homework at Shun’s house, where Shun, Aren and Riki procrastinate by talking about reading and making a manga.[183]

Kusuo with Mikoto, Reita and Hii having death marks

After summer vacation ends, a new student arrives at Reita's class. Reita tells Kusuo about her the day after she transferred, her name is Hii Suzumiya and has incredibly horrible luck. Reita asks Kusuo to help him whenever he is around her as he believes her bad luck is enough to be psychic. Kusuo does not fully believe it is the case but decides to look after him. Kusuo gets sidetracked when monitoring him due to Mikoto offering him coffee jelly but comes back to help him once Mikoto notices Hii has a death mark. After the 3 talk about the situation, Mikoto notices all of them have a death mark.[184] They decide to monitor Hii, seeing how she is probably the reason they have one. Reita tried to leave a couple times but Kusuo and Mikoto did not allow him. Hii’s bad luck causes havoc but Kusuo manages to protect both Hii and the other two as well.[185]

Closely afterwards, Kusuke tells Kusuo he made a robotic replica of him after testing his abilities the other time. The replica has all of Kusuo’s characteristics and appearance, Kusuke let the robot loose at Kusuo’s school as another one of his games. Kusuo manages to destroy it with the help of Reita and his coffee jelly.[186]

Several other events happen. Kusuo foils the newspaper club's plans to ruin Kokomi’s reputation, again.[187] Eyes on Mr.Iguchi, who has finally gotten some respect, since he thought the others were bullying Riki.[188] He also helped Shun, Aren, Riki and Kineshi escape from an unfunctional elevator.[189]

The others asking Kusuo what he wrote down

In November, his class was given a career survey sheet to complete. Kusuo does not care much about his future plans due to the fact that he is still occupied with the volcano eruption and the time loop. He hears about the others' plans and they ask what he wrote down. Kusuo wrote down ordinary universities with his top pick for a major being economics and his next pick being literature. After hearing Shun say they should move forward to the future and Chiyo suggesting they should take a group trip, Kusuo decides he needs to stop the volcano’s eruption once and for all.[190]

A while afterwards, Kusuo figures out Hiroshi can somehow nullify Hii’s bad luck. He figures he needs them together to make it possible, especially since it looks like Hiroshi might have a crush on her. Mikoto reminds Kusuo that Reita knows Hii likes him, so Reita would not be willing for Hii to end up with Hiroshi. After some conversation, Hii goes up to them and says she knows they were staring at them the whole time. She asks them if they are looking for Reita, since he has not been in school for over a week, and the two get worried. Kusuo tries to look for him via telepathy to no avail, but with clairvoyance he finds Reita with Kusuke.[191]

Kusuo soon teleports to where Reita is and asks him what Kusuke did to him. He finds Reita is wearing the telepathy canceller, and after Reita talks, he punches him in the face. Thinking he is knocked out, Kusuo goes to look for Kusuke only to realize he is not in his physical body and Reita used his new ability against him.[192] Kusuo attempts to get his body back and tells Reita to stop doing stuff on his body, yet Reita does poses and strips to only have his underwear. Reita runs out, Kusuo decides to annoy the ghost in Reita’s body, Reita comes back only to get kicked by his own body. Unfortunately for Kusuo and his plan, Reita removes and destroys Kusuo’s left side control device before he goes unconscious. Kusuo goes back to his body and awaits for Kusuke to come to him.[193]

Kusuo thinks on how to stop the kitty tank

He tries his best to put his clothes back and Kusuke arrives with a power suit. He attempted to get Kusuke petrified but Kusuke was able to block it easily. Kusuke tells Kusuo if he were to try to hit him all out, the nearby bombs will go out and hurt the unconscious Reita. Kusuo asks Kusuke what he will do and Kusuke states he will finally win since he will grab his right side control device. While Kusuke talked and put Kusuo’s clothes back on correctly, Kusuo contacted Mikoto, asked her if Reita would die, she told him no and realized his suspicion of the bombs being fake was correct. As soon Kusuke went to grab the control device, Kusuo flicked his finger towards Kusuke, making him hit the wall behind him. Kusuke decides to use his trump card, brings his kitty tank, surprising Kusuo.[194] Kusuke trapped his body with the tank, has the parts for his left side control device and repairs it, to make Kusuo not use his restoration. Kusuo tries to think of what to do, Kusuke decides to start firing and Kusuo teleports away from each hit. Knowing he has many hits to go but Kusuo is starting to run out of energy, Kusuke thinks he is close to hitting him. Reita ends up stopping Kusuke, since Kusuo protected him from the blasts while he was unconscious, and grabs the control device for Kusuo. While Kusuke puts muscle relaxant on Reita, Kusuo grabs the device and reveals he tired himself out on purpose to not be able to use his abilities. Believing this battle ended in a draw, Kusuo removes his right side control device.[195]

Kusuo and Reita surprised on Kusuke's revelation

Kusuke and Reita are shocked at his action but Kusuo decided he is fine if everyone knew. He tells Reita to tell everyone at school hello for him, since he will not be able to go back to school after this. Kusuke reveals to them he disabled the reveal feature a while ago, Kusuo decides to kill him, but Reita stops him. Kusuke ends up also revealing that he created a new control device for Kusuo, this time he is certain it will remove his abilities for good. Kusuo, along with Reita, initially did not fully understand what he said until it hit them. Kusuke shows him the device and Kusuo is disgusted by the design. Kusuo believed the device would block his abilities if worn but Kusuke corrected him, once he uses it he will no longer be able to use them. Kusuo decides not to put on the device yet since he has one final thing to do and tells Kusuke to try to get the device in the meantime. Walking outside with Reita, he tells him he is not angry at him but grateful and informs him about Hii is going to be taken away from him.[196]

Kusuo and the others walking into the school building

Due to the time with Kusuke, Kusuo missed all of his winter break and it is now the start of the new semester. He finds everyone he knows has changed in appearance and is not pleased. He is however relieved the next day when everyone and everything turns back to normal.[197] Afterwards, Kusuo is with Reita, looking at Hii and Hiroshi. Reita is angered but Kusuo tells him to calm down and let them be together. Reita does not listen to him and Kusuo sees Reita go up to talk to them. Kusuo ends up following them after school, talks to Reita after he walks away from Hii and Hiroshi. Kusuo starts to wonder out loud if Hii has a guardian spirit, it finally hits Reita, he tells and shows Kusuo (via psychometry) that she has a hopeless guardian. Reita asks Kusuo to help him get her spirit guardian back on track and Kusuo only agrees if Reita fully gives up on her. Reita initially does not agree but he changes his mind and the two fix up her guardian.[198] Days pass, Kusuo is walking home after a school day of being around the others. He admits he does not hate it as much as he used to but it is a bit tiring. He ends up running into several minor characters, sees how much they changed or stayed the same, and was mostly happy for them. After entering Cafe Mami, he sees more and more characters, they all notice him and he starts to run out.[199]

Chiyo asks the others if they should start planning the trip they agreed on a while back. They initially do not remember but ultimately decide to meet at Kokomi’s house after school, with Shun and Aren dragging Kusuo and Riki with them. Kusuo initially does not care, but ultimately starts paying attention as they want to go to Oshimai, an area where the volcano he attempts to stop its eruption every year is. After several attempts to convince them otherwise and no excuses left, Kusuo lets them choose the area, thinking they will not choose the day of the eruption. He then panics when they decide to go the day before and day of eruption. He asks if there is any other date they can do. He sees everyone’s schedule and ultimately decides to go with them. April 9th arrives, Kusuo heads out of the house to the train station.[200]

Kusuo relieved on stopping the eruption

They soon arrive in Oshimai and do several activities without any problems. They find out they have problems with the hotel but it is soon resolved by meeting up with Metori.[201] After the others fall asleep, Kusuo heads to Mikoto’s and Reita’s hotel room to discuss what they will do tomorrow. In the morning, Reita acts as he is Kusuo to the others through hypnosis, Mikoto locates possible extra eruption spots with Kusuo’s clones and Kusuo monitors the situation until it is time. The eruption starts, one of the clones is at their limit and Kusuo steps forward to finish it. Kusuo lies down, being exhausted, but he is happy that he is finally successful. Mikoto goes to hug him however problems arise once he realizes the others came to the area and witnessed everything.[202]

Kusuo, along with Mikoto, get angry at Reita for not distracting them. He hears his side of the story: Metori first saw Kusuo through a helicopter, he came to find them, they saw all of it and now they are here. They question him. Reita makes the excuse that they are twins, however the plan fails immediately once the clones arrived. They still push Kusuo to tell them, however Kusuo tells them he will not say anything yet. After some talk, they decide to let Kusuo tell them once he is ready. Kusuo, touched and remembers of another timeline, smiles and speaks to them. They are surprised and he uses this distraction to time leap back to one day prior.

Kusuo sabotages Metori’s helicopter, making him unable to see him the following day and the whole situation never happened. Kusuo tells Kusuke the whole story in the evening. Kusuke asks him if he will tell them about his abilities, Kusuo states he has decided that he will tell them once his abilities are gone. He opens the drawer where the 2nd version control device is, stating he will put it on. Their parents soon arrive, concerned, but he tells him not to worry. He removes one of his control devices and inputs the device.

Kusuo in the school entrance ceremony

It is the next day, Kusuo is finally in his 3rd and final year, no longer wearing his glasses or control devices. He is certain his abilities have disappeared. He ends up in the same class as Kokomi, again, and their seats are next to each other. He tells her, along with the others afterwards, that he needs to talk to them about something. Kusuo wants to tell them about everything that has happened and to also apologize on certain events. Before he heads to the classroom they are waiting for him in, a cockroach comes into his view and scares him. He hears a sound of glass breaking, finds the window next to him broken and assumes it was his own doing.[203]

The day after, the others ask him why he stood them up. Kusuo decided not to tell them anything until he figures out what is going on. After staring at Kokomi, she asks him about the project they were assigned. Later on he ends up pairing up with Kokomi on the project and they work on it at the school library. Some guys are jealous of him and decide to drop a bookcase on him. Riki ends up hurt after protecting Kusuo, and Kusuo ends up thanking him.[204]

He goes home to confront Kusuke about his abilities might be returning, only to be told that he should stay calm. The next day, many coincidences of his abilities keep returning one after another. He denies all of it happening, gets nervous and pressured once Reita asks him if his abilities are returning, and accidentally teleports home. Kusuke asks him if he can help him with something and Kusuo refuses, certain that he will become normal. Kusuo then finds out that a meteor is on its way to hit Earth and destroy all of Japan. After hearing all the thoughts of those he knows, Kusuo accepts he will not have a normal life and decides to go destroy the meteor before it hits.[205]

These are the alternate worlds that was introduced in the series.

Censored World -Kusuo didn't enroll in PK Academy and then was thus unable to mingle and talk to the other students/characters. He then turned the world into a censored world in just 10 chapters. Instead, the other work of the author, the Mikami Case Files was serialized.[206]
Modified 2014 World -Kusuo influenced the meeting of his parents encounter which changed the flow of the events. Kusuke created a time machine which was the cause for the World War 3 to break out and the world met it's destruction. The cause of Kusuo's death was unclear but in Modified 2014 World, he has been dead for more than 3 years.[207]
Unable To Save The Dog World -In Chapter 1 or Episode 1, in another world "Kusuo" wasn't able to save the dog from the incoming truck. Devastated by the accident and his hesitant attitude, "Kusuo" decided to change for the better and used his psychic powers as people came to ask for his help.[208]
Worlds Created by Altering the Past with Touma -In order to conceal himself as being a psychic from Touma, Kusuo creates multiple parallel worlds after various efforts using his time leap ability. Even a slight modification had a major effect due to the butterfly effect.[209] Kusuo reveals in one of them that he is a psychic to his classmates.[210]

Saiki Family Tree

Family Tree

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Kumi's Dad
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Kumi's Mom
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Kuniharu’s Dad†
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Kuniharu’s Mom
Kumagoro Saiki
Kumi Saiki
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Kumi's Sister
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Kuniharu Saiki
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Kurumi Saiki
Kusuke Saiki
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Kusuo Saiki



  • In Chapter 99, Kuniharu mentioned his mother is alive, and living back in his hometown, while his father is dead.
  • In Chapter 255, while arguing with Kumagoro, Kumi mentions she will stay and live with her sister.


  • (To himself) "I am the world's unhappiest man who has had everything snatched away since the moment of my birth."
  • (To Nendou) "What a truly terrifying man you are, Nendou Riki. I'd prefer to kill you before you can kill me."
  • (To Kaidou) "Honestly, what a moron. Sorry for saying you have chuunibyou. You don't possess any sort of power but your actions were by far no means possible for the average person."
  • (To himself) "I messed up, an image of father came up for a second. It seems like he's doing his work happily today too. This screw up really hurts me in many ways."
  • (To Chiyo) "Don't think it will be easy to get a flag with me as your opponent."
  • (To Kineshi) "I don't care about your likability rating of me."
  • (To Kineshi) "I hate attracting attention but I hate owing someone even more."
  • (To Kurumi & Kuniharu) "My powers are not perfect after all."
  • (To Shun) "He should really choose his friends more wisely. This is just some advice from a friend."
  • (To Kokomi) "Your summer is sad too."
  • (To himself) "First, the bug I can't read and now comes the Nendou I can't read. Give me a break, I am NG with N or G."
  • (To Reita) "You were born into a temple family but you're full of desires. I've never seen anyone so dirty with such clear eyes."
  • (To Reita) "If you talk, you die."
  • (To Reita) "Go complain to the author."
  • (To Reita) "Well, don't let it get you down. There are as many girls as there are stars in the sky. Although stars are always out of reach."
  • (To Chiyo) "There's no other way. I guess I will become the shelter who will protect the couple's umbrella."
  • (To himself) "I guess if you do something good, good things will happen to you."
  • (To Kuniharu) "I would rather watch butt exercises than listen to fortune telling."
  • (About Kokomi) "I never expect her to go that far, all for the sake of being perfect. Perhaps she is close to perfect, huh."
  • (About Christmas) "Whereever there is light, there is also darkness... Even a seemingly blissful atmosphere like this gets over-shadowed by the darkness inside people's hearts."
  • (About Matsuzaki) "But I don't hate teachers like him. He's a strong ally for weak willed students like myself."
  • (About fighting Nendou's ghost) "Now then, here's a question for you. This means I've changed from psychic to ghost so in pokemon, how effective is ghost against ghost? The answer is super effective."
  • (Without his telepathic powers) "H-how is everyone so composed? Haven't they considered that there might be a killer next to them without them knowing it?"
  • (About Makoto) " I had no idea... Who knew he was that kind of guy who had far surpassing the limits of a sister complex."
  • (When Shun and Riki competes in game) " Now that I think about it, I didn't use any ESP this time. Well whatever. It would be rude to interfere in a showdown between men."
  • (Abut Chisato's work) "What a pain... I can't make fun of Kaidou anymore after all these talk about seals and changing the world. But I had to pay her back for the Coffee Jelly."
  • (To Reita) "Peeping is a crime you know. You're coming with me to the police. You think someone who was 'only looking a little' would be depicted as a silhouette like some criminal in Conan? Not to mention all that panting. That's definitely something a sexual predator would do."
  • (About Kokomi) "What a pain. It's frightening that she was actually going to get it. But it's no use. Puppy dog eyes won't work on an esper like me."
  • (When asked by Shun about his glasses fogging) "You'd understand my point if you had permanent x-ray vision, too."
  • (After losing his wallet) "They pick-pocketed me? Me? Me of all people? The same as Takahashi? On the same level as that? I have never felt so humiliated."
  • (To the thief) "You laid your hands on an psychic's wallet. I hope you're prepared for the consequences."
  • (About the new transfer student) "Just great... you shouldn't be expecting anything from a new student, or have you forgotten that last atrocity? The author's just introducing a new character to get himself out of the rut. It's a cheap tactic."
  • (About Midori's face) "I understand your feelings Kaidou but you're staring way too much."
  • (About Cafe Mami) "Even when you were so depressed and emotionally unstable, the taste of your coffee jelly stayed the same. This is undeniably the work of a pro and that's why the customers will return on their own even without using ESP."


  • His name, Saiki Kusuo, is a pun on the word Psychics (サイキックス lit. Saikikkusu).
  • He is scared of bugs and Riki because he can't read their minds; insects being too small and Riki being too stupid. He appears to have inherited his fear of bugs from his father.
  • He has a sweet tooth. He loves any type of sweets, with coffee jelly primarily being his favorite.
  • As the main focus character and front man of the series, Kusuo ended up doing several cameos and crossovers with different Jump series and media.
    • He met Koro-sensei in brief crossover chapters and made a small cameo in Assassination Classroom.
    • His father once invited him to go into Yukihira Diner. He meets Soma and the world of Food Wars.
    • He was mentioned in a chapter of KochiKame, with the main character, Ryo, mentioning to copy their idea of a robotic replica. It thus leads to the creation of Chapter 259.[211] The creator of KochiKame also ended up drawing Kusuo to represent Asou-sensei in a comic.[212]
    • His limiter made a cameo in Gintama, which is later referenced into the anime episode, Restarting! Everyday Life, "As Usual".
  • He hates being in someone's debt.[213]
  • He rarely talks using his voice, preferring to speak using his telepathy.
  • He has only spoken out loud roughly 3 times in the manga.
    • The first time is him saying "Offu" indirectly to Kokomi.[214]
    • The second time is him saying "Good guys are a pain...seriously..." directly to the other main characters.[215]
    • The last times is him saying "...To think I would actually have to be protected by somebody..." him unknowingly thinking out loud and "Thanks Nendou" directly to Riki, in the same chapter.[216]
  • In the anime series, there are scenes where Kusuo speaks but were not originally in the manga.
    • In Season 1, Episode 5, he says "offu" due to cutting his hair when he did not need to.
    • In Season 1, Episode 15, he says "Oh no" after seeing Riki without having his glasses on.
  • He has repeated his 2nd year of high school 6 times due to him resetting the Earth that many times.
  • His attendance number is #7.
  • He is ambidextrous.[217]
  • His record in Janken is 296 wins, 0 losses and 58 ties.
  • According to Kusuke, Kusuo had to transfer schools about 3 times, with the last time being in high school.[218]


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