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Saiko Father


Saiko's Father

Character Name
Full Name Saiko's Father
Kanji 才虎の父
Personal Info
Birthday March 21
Blood type O
Gender Male
Affiliation Saiko Corporation
Family Saiko Metori (Son)
Manga Debut Chapter 119
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 23
Japanese Voice Tōru Ōkawa

Saiko's Father is the head of the Saiko Corporation and father of Saiko Metori. His face is always hidden by a blinding light from wearing golden accessories and he sports a halo above his head. Even his son doesn't know how he looks like. However, he shares similar greed on money as he himself taught Metori of which Kusuo criticizes as "the lowest of parents". He also convinced his son who is always absent to transfer to PK Academy to retaliate Kokominzu.

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