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Shima Kyouka

Shima anime


Character Name
Full Name Shima Kyouka
Kanji 島 京佳
Furigana しま きょうか
Aliases Ms. Shima/Shima-sensei
Personal Info
Birthday December 13
Blood type AB
Gender Female
Affiliation PK Academy
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 210

Kyouka Shima (島 京, しま きょうか lit. Shima Kyouka) teaches on Class 2-∭.

She later transfers to another class and is replaced by Iguchi Takumi.

She was also a part of a gossip paper about her and Matsuzaki by the newspaper club.


  • Shima Kyouka's full name and character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]
  • It is mentioned by Kusuo that she doesn't appear enough to have a consistent design.


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