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Character Name
Full Name Suzumiya Hii
Kanji 鈴宮 陽衣
Furigana すずみや ひい
Personal Info
Birthday August 28
Sign ♍ (Virgo)
Blood type O
Gender Female
Height 166 cm
Weight 48.5
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
Year/Course Year 2 Class 2
Manga Debut Chapter 257
Anime Debut Reawakened Episode 4
Japanese Voice Nao Tōyama

Hii Suzumiya (鈴宮陽衣, すずみや ひい lit. Suzumiya Hii) is a new transfer student in Toritsuka Reita's class.


On Hii's first day of transferring into PK Academy, she was covered in blood and cuts, due to being hit by a hearse. The homeroom teacher, Shima-sensei, told her she should go to a hospital but Hii insisted she was fine. Starting her self introduction, she could not find any chalk and used her own blood to write her name on the board. A motorcycle gang passed by while she was speaking. The seat directly in front of the teacher was opened, making it her seat. While walking to it, she accidentally steps into feces. It is then found out that Reita is the person she is sitting next to and their teacher asks him to show her around the school. Reita finds out her bad luck spreads to others as he got bad luck when he was around her.

The next day, Saiki Kusuo was introduced to Hii by Reita who asks for Kusuo's help with her. Hii later on asks Reita if he can tell her where is the school science lab. Reita gives her directions, only for her to step and slip on a banana. She tells him she is not good at following directions and asks him if she can take her, which he accepts. Hii sees some of his discomfort and tells him sorry if he does not want to be near her due to her clumsiness. They make it to the science lab, apparently she was asked by the science teacher to get some chemicals. After hearing which chemicals, Reita insists to do it himself but she tells him that they should at least do it together. They open the door to find Aiura Mikoto and Kusuo in the room. Mikoto saw that Hii, along with Reita, have a dark death sign on their face.[1]

Mikoto asks Hii to join Kusuo, Reita and her in a selfie, double checking that the situation has gotten worse. Hii asks Mikoto if she can send the image to her, wanting to send it to her mom to tell her she has made friends. While Mikoto, Kusuo and Reita talked, she grabbed several bottles of some explosive chemical. They tell her this, she panics, and they tell her to put them in the table gently. Once putting the bottle down, she sneezes and the bottles drop, only for Kusuo to grab them. Kusuo and Mikoto formally introduce themselves to her and she does the same. Several accidents in a row happen to her, Kusuo manages to help her in all of them. She smiles, thinking all 3 of them are as clumsy as her. She tells them if they need help looking for things she would gladly help them. She soon mentions she grabs things and has a bottle of the explosive chemical from earlier. It explodes but survives due to Kusuo and his restoration. During the explosion, Reita jumped in front of her. Hii, thinking Reita did this to protect her, develops a crush on him.[2]

Later on, Reita discovers the cause of her bad luck and, in a way, helps her.[3]


  • When she was younger she used to lose a lot of things, thus she got a habit of carrying things she does not need or that is not her's.



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