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Takeuchi (Anime)

Takeuchi 14 or 15 (Anime)

Takeuchi (Manga)

Character Name
Full Name Takeuchi Riki
Kanji 竹内 力
Furigana たけうち りき
Aliases NenDad (by Kusuo)
Personal Info
Epithet Ghost
Birthday September 5
Sign ♍ (Virgo)
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Height 191cm (Alive)
Weight 79kg (Alive)
Manga Debut Chapter 04
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 3
English Voice David Wald
Japanese Voice Ono Daisuke

Riki Takeuchi (竹内 力, たけうち りき lit Takeuchi Riki), usually called as Nendad by Kusuo is the former husband of Midori.


Takeuchi's defining physical attribute is the scar on his right eye, something that can be used to differentiate between him, his son and wife who all have the same faces. Back when he was alive, he wears old style clothes while as a ghost, he wears a white hakama.


Like his son, he has a carefree attitude and idiotic manner. He is persistent on a whole new level than his son like when he haunted Kusuo because of his interesting powers until Kusuo scared him off with a punch.

He seems to help his son without even realizing who he is until he found out and was shocked that he had a child.


Takeuchi was first introduced[1] as Reita's spirit guardian. He later shows up and continued to bug Kusuo because he entertains him. Nendou also calls him partner just like his son[2] does. He also likes ramen and once asked Kusuo to eat with him (when he was alive during Kusuo's accidental time travel).


On November 22, 1994, when he was 14 or 15 years old, he saw Saiki Kurumi, finding her attractive, and approached her. Saiki Kuniharu somehow knock him out while he was talking to her.[3]

In an alternate timeline, he meets Kusuo, when Kusuo mistakes him for his future son. They go get ramen but is pulled by Kusuo out of the restaurant. Takeuchi found Kusuo weird due to his pink hair and later helps him buy a hat for him. Kusuo helps him meet Kurumi so he can get his parents to meet. He talks to her, and Kuniharu, whom was thrown by Kusuo, hits him unconcious. He wakes up, walks with Kusuo until he has to leave.[4]

Sometime after, he met Nendou Midori and they fell in love. Right before his son was born, he died due to saving a little girl from getting hit by a truck.[5]

Takeuchi became a ghost and is the guardian of Toritsuka Reita, and he is constantly seen pestering Kusuo to the point which the latter had to use his psychic powers to make him go away. Saiki then punched him in his spirit form.

He helped Riki pass midterms.



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