Life is in very easy mode. This is all because I am gorgeous.

—talking about herself, Chapter 13

Teruhashi Kokomi

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Character Name
Full Name Teruhashi Kokomi
Kanji 照橋 心美
Furigana てるはし ここみ
  • Goddess
  • Idol
  • Terukoko (by Mikoto)
  • Ms. PK
Personal Info
Epithet The Queen of Academy[1]
Age 16 years old
Birthday August 6
Sign ♌ (Leo)
Blood type A
Gender Female
Height 164 cm[2]
Weight Unknown
Family Teruhashi Makoto (Elder Brother)
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
  • Year 3 Class 1.png (Currently)
  • Year 2 Class 3.png (Formerly)
Novel Debut Extra Stories of Psychics
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1
English Voice
Japanese Voice
Live Action Hashimoto Kanna

Kokomi Teruhashi (照橋心美, てるはし ここみ lit. Teruhashi Kokomi) is one of the main characters of the series. She is a student in Saiki Kusuo's class and she is considered very attractive by both women and men, who often stop and stare upon seeing her. She was played by Hashimoto Kanna in the live action film of the series.


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Kokomi is a girl who has exceptionally good looks which she admits herself, correcting that she isn't being overconfident about it but simply telling the truth.[3] She has a lean body with long, flowing blue hair that reaches just past her shoulder and blue eyes. She is mostly seen with her hair untied and occasionally wears dresses and skirts whenever she goes out of town. In school, she wears the PK uniform that a standard female student wears, a long-sleeved shirt with a ribbon on her chest, and she wears a short green skirt with tight black stockings on her long legs. The skirt is quite short, so the majority of her thighs and legs are revealed.


When Kokomi was first introduced, she was shown to be very conceited and a gold digger.[4] As the most popular girl in school, and probably the whole world, she is highly sociable. She is a smooth talker, making her able to manipulate and persuade nearly everyone with her beauty and easily gets away from others with just simple excuses.

Being flirted on and getting extreme reactions is normal for her, therefore when Saiki Kusuo was not startled or star struck by her beauty she was puzzled as to why.[5] With this reasoning, along with her stubbornness and pride, she started to pursue after Kusuo until she fully falls for him.[6]

She is highly competitive in several aspects, such as beauty. An example being when she ordered two ramen for her and Rifuta Imu and, despite the two being hailed as beauty queens, Kokomi was still number one for she was given an extra-large bowl while Imu was given a normal bowl of ramen.[7]

She usually hides her true emotions around others with a smile, such as anger and disappointment, to keep her perfect facade. However, sometimes her emotions do come out due to shock and/or embarrassment but is able to go back to her facade. An example being when someone believed Kokomi’s crush was Riki, she is angered and surprised, but then quickly changes the subject of it.[8]

However, over the course of time, she slowly changes. Her greediness dwelled down, such as she turned down an offer from Saiko Metori of marrying into wealth.[9] She makes true friends, accepts Kusuo’s looks and personality unconditionally,[10] slowly resolves to not having to be perfect in front of him[11] and decides on wanting to go and talk to him over several guys that wanted her attention.

Near the end of the series, Kusuo describes what is most impressive about her is her effort. While everyone likes her, she puts in extra effort to be loved even more; such as having all the names of everyone in the school and small aspects of themselves memorized. Not to mention her insight is pretty good, it is almost like she has telepathy herself. However she tries too hard and should know when to just relax a little bit.[12]


Kokomi was born on August 6th. She was highly cute, enough to make her own doctor blush just by looking at her. Word got out about her, and a huge crowd of people went to go look at her through the nursery window.[13] She meets her older brother, Teruhashi Makoto, and he too gets too infatuated with her.[14]

Time goes on, she grows up, enrolls into PK Academy and ends up in the same class as Saiki Kusuo. Kusuo introduces her to the reader during his monologue about him not understanding the concept of love. He says she is the most popular girl but has no interest in her, due to her thoughts of the other classmates being poor brats and unable to see her beauty.[15]

On August 6th,[16] her birthday, she is walking around aimlessly. Several men approach her and she nicely rejects their flirting advances, a normal for her. She notices Kusuo across the street, recognizing him from her class. She admits that she nearly forgot about him due to him being very quiet in school. She goes on to incorrectly remembering his first name, believing it is Kunio. Feeling sorry, believing he is having a dull summer vacation, she decides to go and talk to him. She greets him, he only politely bows and leaves. Dumbfounded by Kusuo's brief and unfazed reaction, she starts on trying to get his attention, believing he is thinking about her being an illusion. However, no matter what she tried, Kusuo continued to ignore her. When Kusuo suddenly disappeared in front of her, she thought that Kusuo might be an illusion. Remembering her own words from before, she concluded that she was the one hallucinating about Kusuo and believed that she had fallen in love with him.[17]

Since that day, Kokomi always finds it irritating that Kusuo blatantly ignores her and has sworn to herself that she will end up making him say "offu" to her.[18]


  • (About herself) Life is in very easy mode. This is all because I am gorgeous.
  • (About Saiki Kusuo) I never knew that I was such a significant presence to Saiki-kun.
  • (About Kusuo) Could it be... I came to... like Saiki?!
  • (About Kusuo) At first I did not like him very much because he would not react the way I wanted him to...and I started trying to get back at him...but by the time I realized it, I was thinking about him all the time...
  • (At a mixer) It would be even more fun if Saiki were here though...Well, even if he came to a place like this I am sure he would just be sitting there with a blank expression on his face...


  • The name Kokomi comes from to see the heart (心を見る, Kokoro o miru)
    • The "心" kanji in her name means heart while the "美" kanji means beauty/beautiful, making her name also mean, beautiful heart.
  • Kokomi's surname Teruhashi is a loose pun from the word Telepathy (テレパシー, Terepashii)
  • Kokomi's beauty and charm does not work on people who loves someone else, sees everyone equally, and those who can see through her true nature.[19]
  • Kokomi fell in love with Kusuo on her birthday.
  • Kokomi used to call Kusuo as Kunio, because of the different way to pronounce his name. Later on into the series, she does end up learning his name and once, jokingly, called him by his mother's nickname, Kuu-chan.
  • After Kusuo erases Kokomi's memories on his mother's comment about his psychic powers, she ends up thinking that Kusuo had a bad experience with a girl he liked.[20]
  • Kokomi ranks #21 out of 181 students.
  • Kokomi's character song is titled "Angel Wink" which she sang in Episode 18.
  • In a one-shot chapter, Kusuo shared an indirect kiss with her.
  • Kokomi rejected Kusuo's request to take a hamster because she owns a cat.[21]
  • In a different timeline, Kokomi and Kusuo are a couple. They are close enough for her to be able to call him by his first name.[22]
  • In addition to Kokomi's popularity universe, she is also very popular with the fanbase as she is placed 6th in the first popularity poll and second in the 2nd poll.
  • Kokomi sung along with Aiura Mikoto and Saiki Kusuo in the Season 2 2nd ending song, Duet Shite Kudasai.


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