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Life is in very easy mode. This is all because I am gorgeous.

—talking about herself, Chapter 13

Teruhashi Kokomi

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Hashimoto Kanna as Teruhashi Kokomi

Character Name
Full Name Teruhashi Kokomi
Kanji 照橋 心美
Furigana てるはし ここみ
  • Goddess
  • Idol
Personal Info
Epithet The Queen of Academy[1]
Age 16 years old
Birthday August 6
Blood type A
Gender Female
Height 164 cm
Weight Unknown
Family Teruhashi Makoto (Brother)
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
Novel Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 1
English Voice Tia Ballard
Japanese Voice Kayano Ai
Live Action Hashimoto Kanna

Kokomi Teruhashi (照橋心美, てるはし ここみ lit. Teruhashi Kokomi) is a student in Kusuo's class, considered very attractive by both women and men, who often stop and stare upon seeing her. Kokomi is one of the main characters of the series and was starred by Hashimoto Kanna in the live action of the series.


Teruhashi Kokomi Full Design
Kokomi Teruhashi is a girl who has exceptionally good looks which she admits herself, correcting that she isn't being overconfident about it but simply telling the truth.[2] She has a lean, sexy body with long, flowing blue hair that reaches just past her shoulder. She is mostly seen with her hair untied and occasionally wears dresses and skirts whenever she goes out of town. In school, she wears the PK uniform that a standard female student wears, a long-sleeved shirt with a ribbon on her chest, and she wears a short green skirt with tight black stockings on her long legs. The skirt is quite short, so the majority of her thighs and legs are revealed.


When Kokomi was first introduced, she was shown to be a vain person and a gold digger. Using her gorgeous looks she was inherited with, she is good at manipulating boys who would easily abide to her will and demand. Even if not necessary, she gets discounts at every shop she goes. Whenever she's in trouble, someone will always be willing to help her out and most of the times she gets out of her mistakes with just a smile. Ironically, though she always corrects these and calls them not being an arrogant person but it is because she is gorgeous that is why it is naturally occurring to her. Being flirted with was a natural happening to her so she is able to get away too easily with just a simple rejection without hurting the other party.

Because of her good looks, Kokomi is used to the extreme reactions she gets from the people around her. Because of this, it puzzles her why Kusuo is not startled or star struck by her beauty[3]. Due to her petty personality and hidden arrogant nature, she started to go after Kusuo until she had realized that she instead have fallen for him. She also refused to believe that some people can be unfazed by her beauty, and will takes extreme measures in order for the other party to acknowledge her. However, since the girl in question has never received a single insult in her entire life, she becomes triggered when Kusuo's brother Kusuke insults her, stating that he don't care how beautiful she is and he only thinks of her as a monkey like everyone else.

Kokomi is also prideful which is usually covered by her angelic facade because she doesn't want to admit it at first that she likes Kusuo and eventually stops herself from saying that she likes him even though the people around her sees how she's truly into him. Despite her extreme Kusuo-seeking personality, Kokomi has never seen getting angry to others but instead, however she can be competitive when people talk about beauty like when she ordered two ramen for her and Imu and despite the two being hailed as beauty queens, Kokomi was still number one for she was given an extra-large bowl while Imu was given a normal bowl of ramen.

However, she gets redeemed at the later chapters when she was considering on becoming Saiko Metori's wife when the man first appears, but after comparing the rich boy with Kusuo, the psychic's face appears in her mind, implying that she has developed deep feelings for him, which is enough to suppress her gold digger impulse.


Kokomi was first seen in Episode 1 walking on a street when she noticed Kusuo whom she recalls as Saiki Kunio. Thinking that Kusuo was having a such a dull summer, she felt sorry for him and thought that talking to him will make his summer better. Kokomi greeted Kusuo who just merely gave her a bow as a reply. Dumbfounded by Kusuo's brief and unfazed reaction, she started to try getting his attention. But no matter what she tried, Kusuo continued to ignore her. When Kusuo suddenly disappeared in front of her, she thought that Kusuo might be an illusion. Remembering her own words from before, she then concluded that she was the one hallucinating about Kusuo and believed that she had fallen for him.

Kokomi later appears in Episode 5 was waiting for Kusuo with the intention of passing worksheets to Kusuo and the hidden idea of asking him out for tea, as she wanted to see him getting flustered. Kusuo manages to avoid her using his powers. Twenty minutes later, having still not found Kusuo, Kokomi asked Takahashi to help her find him.

During the Sports Festival in PK Academy and Kokomi was participating in three-legged race with Sawakita. By giving him motivational words that if they win, she easily enthralled Sawakita. When the race started, Sawakita carried Kokomi bridal style and ran with only one leg, winning the race and earning their class 300 additional points.

PK Academy was having a disaster drill and Kokomi lost her hood. Every boy (except Kusuo) went and gave her their hoods. When asked what they'll do without theirs, the boys said they have no regrets sacrificing themselves for her. Kokomi then grinned thinking that even without her saying anything, boys do her bidding without batting an eye.

Kokomi later reappears in Episode 6, and runs into Kusuo who was with Riki and Shun on the streets, on their way to a ramen shop. Kokomi then asked them if she could tag along and they welcomed her, unaware of Kusuo's silent protests. Kokomi felt triumph at how easily she charmed Riki and Shun, and was dumbfounded by Kusuo's calmness. Thus, she was determined to break down his attitude. Upon arrival at Riki's said ramen shop, they discover that it was extremely rundown, which shocked Kokomi. Shun asked why Riki had brought them into such a dirty shop, making her feel bad about leaving. Upon entering the place, Shun once again asked her if it's alright to eat there, but she insists it's alright thinking that she will show her perfect lady attitude to Kusuo, and was determined to maintain her image even after the Ramen Shop Keeper's image terribly disgusted her. The ramen was dirty but Kokomi still ate it, shocking them all. In there, the likability of each person went down a bit but for Kusuo, Kokomi's likability went up.

Kokomi ran into Kusuo by chance at a temple, together with Shun, Kineshi and Riki and started talking to them and Kusuo's parents. Seeing Kokomi, Kusuo's father was happy to see her for he had prayed that Kusuo could get a girlfriend. Kuniharu then invites everyone to the Saiki House, which Kokomi took as an advantage. In Kusuo's house, everyone got comfortable and were eating happily when Kurumi accidentally reveals that Kusuo was a Psychic. In an attempt to reduce the awkwardness of the atmosphere, Kuniharu made random comments, but made things even more awkward instead. When they all decide to go home, Kusuo follows them from behind,and removed the memory of what happened by hitting their heads with a crowbar. Back to school, it was then explained how their memories were differently filled by different memories. For Kokomi, she thought that Kusuo had trust issues and somehow concluded that it was because a girl had once broken his heart. Kokomi then thought that he shouldn't worry because she, the goddess will dissolve those worries in his heart.

In Episode 8, Kokomi was having trouble giving chocolates to Kusuo as an idiot had spread the rumor that she had brought valentine's chocolates. She was followed by a mob of boys who were going for her chocolate. She then decided to hide in the bathroom, where she realizes how the chocolate she had is actually a super rare item for desperate boys who are currently waiting outside the restroom. Thinking that they'd want it so bad they'll risk their lives for it, Kokomi started to fear it might end up getting Kusuo killed. Fearing that her chocolates may even start a world war, Kokomi decided to throw the chocolate at the window, silently apologizing to Kusuo because she could not hand the chocolate to him. However, Kusuo caught the chocolate, thinking that she's over-exaggerating.

Kokomi and Kusuo (who was wearing the telepathy silencer) were both shocked to meet each other in the theater. Kokomi had a peculiar expresion on her face and Kusuo started wondering why she would make a face like that. She suddenly told him that she she was with someone else at the theater but did not want Kusuo to get the wrong idea. The person she had went to the theater was then revealed to be Mugami Toru, a popular idol/actor.

Kokomi was pondering about the awkward situation she had with Kusuo at the movies when suddenly Toru appeared and back-hugged her, shocking Kokomi who was in deep thoughts. It was then revealed that he was Kokomi's elder brother Teruhashi Makoto. She then blamed him for what happened at the theater. Makoto ends up making a visit to the Saiki Household, where he threw all sorts of insults at Kusuo even voicing he would be the man for her, showing his obsession with his sister. Kokomi was furious at her brother and yelled at him, saying that she hates him, shocking Makoto who fell to the floor crying. Kokomi left him saying that she won't be speaking to him again.

In Episode 9, Kokomi was invited to go to Karaoke with the class but she first rejected when she learned Kusuo wasn't coming but the second time when Kusuo was coming, she thought of joining as well.


  • (About herself) Life is in very easy mode. This is all because I am gorgeous.
  • (About Kusuo) I never knew that I was such a significant presence to Saiki-kun.
  • (About Kusuo) Could it be... I came to... like Saiki?!


  • Her name is from the word Telepathy (テレパシー, Terepashii).
  • Her character song is titled "Angel Wink" which she sang in Episode 18.
  • She once rejected Kusuo's request to take a hamster because she owns a cat.
  • She ranks #21 out of 181 students.
  • She fell in love with Kusuo on her birthday.
  • She still calls Kusuo as Kunio (because of the different way to pronounce his name).
  • Her beauty and charm doesn't work on children.
  • After Kusuo erases her memories on his mother's comment about his psi powers, she ends up thinking that Kusuo had a bad experience with a girl he liked.[4]
  • Only Kusuo, his brother Kusuke, children, Hairo and people who already love someone[5] are immune to her beauty.
  • In addition to her popularity universe, she is also very popular with the fanbase, placing 6th in the first popularity poll and second in the 2nd poll.


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