Teruhashi Makoto

Makoto (Anime)


Character Name
Full Name Teruhashi Makoto
Kanji 照橋 信
Furigana てるはし まこと
Aliases Mugami Tooru
Personal Info
Age 18 years old
Birthday March 4
Blood type A
Gender Male
Height 178 cm
Weight 64kg
Family Teruhashi Kokomi (Sister)
Occupation Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 41
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 8
English Voice Brandon McInnis
Japanese Voice Maeno Tomoaki

Makoto Teruhashi (照橋 信, てるはし まこと lit. Teruhashi Makoto) is a top idol who is known as Mugami Tooru (六神 通, むがみ とおる) and the older brother of Teruhashi Kokomi.


Teruhashi Makoto Full Design
Makoto has steel blue hair and eyes and is described as an incredibly handsome individual that is even more good looking than your average handsome guy, so much so that he is suitable for Teruhashi Kokomi. Because of his exceptionally good looks, he has many female fans, one example being Saiki Kurumi.


As Mugami Tooru, Makoto possesses good movie acting skills and also appears to have a likable and friendly personality that makes him popular with women and sometimes even men, an example being Kaidou Shun. In reality, he is actually a pervert with a sister-complex, shown by how he would stalk Teruhashi Kokomi (Makoto's younger sister) and sniff pervertedly in her bedroom. He is also highly protective of Kokomi, believing that he was the only one that deserved her, and was extremely rude to those that he thought was trying to get close to Kokomi, such as Saiki Kusuo. This can be seen as he was not afraid to use loads of insulting words and phrases on Kusuo to get his point across to the latter.

He has shown to be a terrible gift giver, when he was shopping for Kokomi, he was unable to tell what was disturbing and inappropriate, like a knife holder in the shape of a cute dog (it looked like it was stabbed in the head) and a disturbing mug simply because it was blue.


Makoto was born on March 4th. A year or 2 after he was born his younger sister, Teruhashi Kokomi, was born and he became infatuated with her. Sometime growing up, he became an actor, starring in several movies and shows.

Makoto siscon

Makoto telling Kusuo that his sister will marry him

Makoto first appeared in the series when he and Kokomi went to the movie theater together to watch a movie in which he starred in. Seeing his sister talk to Saiki Kusuo after coming back from getting snacks, he is angered and accidentally removes his disguise. Everyone in the theater flocks to him and causes the movie screening to be cancelled.[1]

Kokomi got upset at him, believing Kusuo might think she was dating him, so he payed Kusuo's house a visit to clear up the misunderstanding. There he also tells Kusuo that he hates him and to not come near Kokomi. It is then revealed that he has a sister complex, telling Kusuo how he is going to be the one to marry his sister. Kokomi comes to get her brother, only to get more annoyed at him and tell him that she hates him. Makoto gets deeply upset after hearing this. [2]

A while after the event, he smothers himself in his sister's bed, waiting for her to come home. She arrives, catching him in the act, is angered and tells him to get out of her room. He later on asks Kusuo to tell Kokomi that industry scouts will be in town for a day during a film shooting of his. Kusuo, agreeing with him, accepts. On the day of the filming, he sees Kusuo and Kokomi in the neighboring town, and is angered that they are basically on a date. He tells his assistants to capture them after they started running away from him.[3]


  • The name Makoto means "sincerity" (誠).
    • His alias is a pun on the word 六神通 (ろくじんずう) which means Six Spiritual Penetrations.
  • Makoto's autobiography has been sold for more than 100 million copies.[4]


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