Saiki Kusuo

Being a Psychic medium, Reita is the first, aside from Kusuo's family to know about Kusuo's power as an Esper. He learned about Kusuo's power from a spirit who saw him use his ability. Reita is the reason why Kusuo developed the power to see ghosts. Kusuo ranks Reita as his number one hated guy and usually teases him like when they were dividing pairs for the test of courage and Reita wanted to be paired up with a Arisu but he paired Reita to Chiyo.[1] Toritsuka has a crush on Saiki's female form.

Yumehara Chiyo

Chiyo at first was another girl that Reita failed to flirt with as he was rejected but in the later chapters, the two got friendly because of their goal to make the person they like to fall for them. It was shown how the two went so far as to plan a test of courage but it later failed due to Kusuo's intervention.

Aiura Mikoto

Reita fell for Mikoto when he first saw her but after her insult, Reita stopped going after her. When he later knew that they both learned about Kusuo's power and that both have psychic powers, they began that battle of whom to become Kusuo's sidekick of which ended in tragedy. They are both members of Occult Club.

Nendou Riki

Reita had a hard time with Nendou at first because he thought he was his guardian spirit but later it was revealed that it was Nendou's dad.


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