aka Monster

  • I live in my house
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Disappointing my parents
  • I am 臭丫头
I like a different type of human being.

Saiki Kusuo being savage AF

Monster Random
Surprise party kusuo
OMG Kusuo is so cute ahhhh!!!! *explodes*
Character Name
Full Name Monster Random
Kanji (this is Chinese, but whatever)


Aliases Monster
Personal Info
Age Below 100
Birthday 3rd Jan
Blood type B
Gender Female
Height Below 2m
Weight Below 50kg
Affiliation SKNS Wiki Staff
Family Terrapin (pet)
Occupation Very Useless Admin

Extremely stressed out student

Manga Debut September 17, 2016
Anime Debut September 17, 2016
English Voice Your Mom
Japanese Voice None, because I don't speak Japanese
Live Action Your Mom

Current Status: Dead

Currently Working on: Remembering how to use Wiki tools

Notice: Since I am back in school, I will not be as active as before. In case I am too busy to come online, please contact other admins. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Also, my dumbass accidentally forgot my account password, soooo...... :/

Hello! I am Monster, one of the Admins for this wiki, welcome to my PSIage! Please try to help us out because there is a lottttttt to do here. (I will try not to screw up too lol.) Everything you contribute helps us improve this Wiki. Remember that your contributions, no matter how inPSInificant they seem, are important and greatly apprePSIated by us :3  

However, that being said, please do note that trolling will not be tolerated. Any acts of vandalism, insulting or other inappropriate behavior will be severely dealt with. 

Me destroying trolls: If you have a question you wish to ask me, please feel free to do so on my Message Wall and I will answer them to the best of my ability. 

Anyway, enough with the PSIrious talk, I hope you enjoy your time here at SKNS Wikia! :3

PerPSInal Favorites (SKNS Ver.)

Favorite characters: Kusuo/Kuriko, followed by Chisato.

Favorite Volume: Volume 0

Favorite Chapters: Chapters 79, 133, 39, and 67

Favorite Episodes: Episodes 8 and 21

Favorite Song: Psi desu I LIKE YOU

Favorite PSI Power: Limit Released Psychokinesis, Mind Control, Transformation

Favorite Quote: "Kebab desu." ~Random Kebab Guy

Random and Useless Info

  • Like my profile suggests, I have pet turtles.
  • I once got kicked out of a library.
  • I have trypophobia, AKA fear of holes.
  • Taco cat spelt backwards is Taco cat :3
  • I am left handed.
  • My top 3 favorite characters of all time (in order): Saiki Kusuo, Hoozuki, and Uta.
  • I am indecisive and self-loving, so every time I come online, I have to edit my profile at least 3 times.
  • I am so inactive and stupid, I sometimes forget how to use wiki tools.

Other PSItes

  1. Tokyo Ghoul Wiki
  2. Twitter (I don't post anything in here though, like seriously, I just like random posts lol.)
  3. Tumblr (I don't post anything here either, although I am thinking about posting some fanart as soon as I'm more free and my drawing skills get better.)
  4. Summoners War (Asia Server): Username: jfdjdjdhe Level: 50 Current Rep Monster: Beth (Lv 40)

You can add me as friend, but I'm most likely full.

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