Don't think anime is just for kids. This is mature animation for a discriminating viewer, like myself.

Saiki Kusuo, Episode 5 (English Dub)

Chapter 87
Do you want to build a snowman? (haha)
Character Name
Full Name Saiki-gami
Other Name Mari
Kanji 愛伶
Furigana まり
  • Trash can (herself)
  • Potato (herself)
  • Sleepyhead (herself)
Personal Info
Age An adult
Birthday February 26th
Blood type idk
Gender Female
Height 173 cm
Weight You don't ask girls that, rude
Affiliation Kokominzu (member)
Family who?
  • College student
  • Anime watcher
  • Manga reader
Manga Debut February 12, 2019
Anime Debut February 17, 2019
Live Action Can I be Mera-san?
Voiced By
Japanese Voice Nani? (Novice)
English Voice US, we write color not colour
More Voices
Spanish Voices Si puedo hablar espanol :)


Hi! The name is Saiki-gami, but you can also call me Mari. I am one of the wiki administrators and I try my best to make this wiki better for you and everyone else.

We appreciate all the help, rather big or small, so feel free to help out as much as you can :D

Social Media

If you want to chat or have any concerns for the wiki you can contact me on these if I am not online

  • Twitter: @Saikigami (The fastest approach. DMs are open, but I do not get notified on them, however I do try to respond quickly.)
  • Reddit: u/Saikigami
  • Tumblr: I have two revolving around the series: saiki-gami & kokomiteruhashi
  • Discord: Saikigami#6765 secondary account. I have a different one that is my main, so do not expect a fast response for this one.

About Myself

  • Found out about the series through the anime series on my Netflix recommended
    • I honestly found it annoying as it kept hogging my home page. I obviously regret avoiding it now, but the image that kept popping up for the series was Toritsuka so...
    • The only motivation was by seeing Teruhashi and Saiki's image, with Saiki and having boredom from the winter holidays being the major push.
    • I originally watched the anime with the English dub. While the sub is good, I really wish for Season 2 and the Special episodes to be dubbed. Yes I watched Reawakened in dub too, I was not highly pleased on the change of cast too, but it is alright...kind of. 7.5/10
  • Became full fledged fan just days before Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan: Kanketsu-hen released in Japan. I legit did not know about the series beforehand, pure coincidence
  • While the site is now called Fandom, I have been on the site when it was called Wikia. I have been editing on several wikis for nearly a decade, this is just a new account. I do not forget my password for accounts pshhh, what are you talking about.
    • The majority of that time, I have only done minor edits. This is the first wiki where I was made into an admin and done larger edits.
    • I have made about 50+ pages in this wiki ever since I have started, with some help of course. My favorite page that I made is Music, simple and helpful. The one I dislike is Weekly Shōnen Jump, due to it took so much work adding all those image.
  • Favorite Characters: Saiki Kusuo and Teruhashi Kokomi 
  • Favorite Chapters: Chapters 13, 29, 59, 76-77, 114-115, 131, 182, 214, 242, and 280-281 What do you mean Teruhashi is somehow in all of these chapters?
  • Favorite Episodes: Season 1 Episode 1, 16, 19, 23 and Season 2 Episode 12, 17, 24
  • I am highly excited and afraid if Reawakened gets a season 2. For the love of coffee jelly, please animate Chapter 176-177 and the Volume 19 and Volume 23 4-Komas if there is another season.
  • Anime recommendations:
    • Mob Psycho 100 (main protagonist is also a psychic, comedy and good story)
    • Fruits Basket 2019 (slice of life with some comedy; if you love Saiki, you will probably love Kyo especially if you watch the English dub.)
    • Dr.Stone (it was referenced in Chapter 250/Season 2 Episode 23; good story and some nice comedy)
    • Noragami (some of it is comedy, some action and the story wow. Yes my username is somewhat based on combining this series with Saiki, no shame.)
    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (The main character shares the same JP VA as Toritsuka, there is a character that looks and sounds (same VA) like Hairo, Teruhashi's, Kuboyasu's and Akechi's JP VAs are in it too. The animation and story is so good too, my god.)
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