Hello everyone. It's really been a while.

I'm one of the admins in this wiki and also the founder. I've long been absent in the wikia since last year after I've learned of the sudden end of the series. I've put a lot of time in this wikis (with a whooping 4,000+ edits) and made a lot of improvements as well as errors that I find it hard to just delete this and so I was planning on putting this wiki up for adoption. Although I'm not that the least happy seeing many were vandalizing the comments section on some articles and I'm pretty much not in the mood for mass editing unlike I used to, I'm hesitating whether I should just delete this wiki albeit it was my fault for suddenly going into hiatus.

But then I see some few active editors, editing not as frequent but at least keeping the wiki active. If anyone of you guys are willing to an admin and will seriously keep the wiki clean, I'll give you rights. Just comment down this blog or message me, okay!

Until then, I'll be locking the comment section and the editing will only be done by users who are not newly registered.

 Kusuo1412  Talk Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan  12:54,9/1/2018