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Character Name
Full Name Warp
Personal Info
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Saiki Kusuke (Creator)
Manga Debut Chapter 222
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 18

Warp is a robotic cat, built by Saiki Kusuke, that can perfectly replicate a cat's movements. It is equipped with an AI, speech recognition and can conduct simple casual conversation.


Warp is a robotic cat that Kusuke invented for the 22nd wedding anniversary of Saiki Kurumi and Saiki Kuniharu, his parents. He implicitly says it is also for his mother who has a cat allergy.

It is mostly whenever Kuniharu tries to communicate with Warp that it responds with, "I don't understand."


  • Alarm/Schedule - by touching the right ear, one can hear the schedule of the day.
    • Snooze function - by patting on the back or the head 3 times the alarm is snoozed.
    • Setting the timer - rotating head.
  • Voice - a switch to change between human and cat voice is on the back of its head.
  • Web browsing function - it can search the web and can go into LCD mode with its back as the screen. To do that:
    • Press the leftmost paw pad and the bottom paw pad on the right paw; repeat twice; the back is an OEL touch screen so one can control it there.
  • Health Check - When hugged, Warp can measure the heart rate of the person. Warp's hug is once per day to check various medical information like heart rate, blood pressure, FMI, body temperature and skin age.
    • Blood extraction - Warp can draw blood and do blood tests.
      • Push the 2nd from his left paw pad 3 times; and then push the middle paw pad once.
  • Camera - Warp's right eye is a camera and automatically takes a picture every time someone says the word "cute". He uploads all pictures to the internet for people to look at all around the world.
  • Music Player - by inserting a CD into the disc drive on the back of his head, he converts the song's lyrics to cat sound and sings it. Headphones can be plugged into the jack in his left eye.
  • Language- Warp can change the way it talks by a switch that lets Warp to talk in cat and in human.

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